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My House Was A Mess, I Couldn’t Keep Up – I Needed Help!

My House Was A Mess, I Couldn’t Keep Up – I Needed Help!


We think we can stay on top of life and everything that is thrown at us. Unfortunately, even when we try our absolute hardest, we don’t always succeed.

As most of you will know I had baby number 4 late last year. What you don’t know however is that she was born via emergency caesarean section. After the birth; as much as I tried to convince myself that I could continue to carry on life as per normal, it just wasn’t going to happen.

baby sleeping family

You can do it all…. Right?

To be honest I was kidding myself in thinking that I could be a mum to four kids, a brand new baby, recover from major surgery, in addition to keeping up work, the blog and the housekeeping. Something had to give. To be honest, a few things had to take a back seat. Naturally the first one was work but the house upkeep quickly followed as I couldn’t do everything and my husband works full time. Don’t get me wrong, my house was never spotless before or things perfectly placed but it was tidy and that was good enough.

hipages lounge room

I hated that I couldn’t do it all but reality was of course I couldn’t. I needed help during those first initial months and as much as my husband tried, my house was looking worse by the week. I was left with no choice but to outsource the services required. Afterwards, I questioned why I left it so long, why I didn’t just get someone in to help with general upkeep from the beginning. Just until I was back on my feet and into the swing of things again.

Home Improvement Pages to the rescue

First I got online and checked out hipages after receiving an email about their services. Prior to this I had never heard of them. But I must say that they were fantastic to use. For those who have no idea who or what they are; they are an online Australian marketplace to find home improvement businesses. If you want large renovations done, there is someone listed to do the job. Cleaners, carpet cleaners and plumbers; you name it, it is there. Not only have they got over 110,000 recommendations, all tradies are pre-screened for ABN’s and all licenses are verified.


When I initially submitted my job I was expecting just a list of businesses to pop up but I was surprised to find that within a matter of hours quotes were being emailed through from local businesses for the job I submitted. I missed some phone calls and voicemails weren’t left, but besides that it really took the hassle out of me trying to find trusted tradesmen to do the job.

hipages found three matching tradies and stayed in contact to see if I required them to contact more to find the right person for the job. I sourced two tradies through them; a cleaner and a carpet cleaner. The cleaner I found straightaway, but carpet cleaners seemed few and far between – luckily hipages were on the ball and they quickly sent through details for Ultra Clean. They were perfect so I booked the two I required to get my house back to its formally loved self.


If you want to find a carpet cleaner or house cleaner in your area, use the links provided.

How did it go?

Well the carpet cleaner, Ultraclean Carpets & Tiles arrived first and thanks to a full household and a toddler who thinks she can eat wherever she likes, the carpets (and lounges) needed some serious love. Darryl was efficient, friendly and by the time he was finished the carpet fibres were once again fluffy and soft underfoot.

hipages carpet cleaning

If he hadn’t already won me over with his job well done, he definitely did when he handed me a business card and pen with his details on it. (I am a stationary fanatic and this pen is gooood!)

On to the house cleaners. I could not wait for L.j’s Cleaning to arrive. We have black tiles in our bathrooms and matt black kitchen cupboards and drawers. I will be honest and say we regret the decision to have black installed when we built our house. It looks amazing when it is clean but with young children who like to touch everything, it doesn’t stay that way for long.


I asked the cleaners to focus on the bathrooms, kitchen and walls as they were the most effected. Oh my gosh, by the time they were done, my house looked incredible!! It felt like home again. They brought it back to a place I could maintain.


If I am being honest with myself, I will more than likely hire them again every month or two so it can take some of the pressure off me. I could not have been happier with the job they did!!


Throughout the entire process of submitting my jobs, hiring tradesmen and having the work performed, hipages stayed in touch to check on the progress and satisfaction of the service received. A friendly email here and there made me feel supported throughout this venture yet not pressured or pestered.

I now feel happier in my home knowing the stress of getting everything done or it all piling up is not an issue. I know that should I need help like this in the future it is only a matter of clicks away from being done.

Have you used hipages? What do you need help with at home?

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  1. 27/06/2016 / 7:04 am

    We do have a cleaner – best thing ever. Sometimes she even brings me left overs for lunch because she feels ‘sorry for me’ because I just have a sandwich. I don’t point out that she’s doing all the work….ha!

  2. 27/06/2016 / 9:36 am

    We trialled HiPages too and I was super happy with how the website worked and the work we had done on our yard.

  3. 27/06/2016 / 9:41 am

    How I would a cleaner! I have just had surgery and my house is a nightmare with six kids destroying it.

  4. 27/06/2016 / 10:59 am

    Oh I remember those days so well. I used to pay my next door neighbour to help me out when I needed it. I had C-sections too so couldn’t even put a load of washing on the line.

  5. 27/06/2016 / 11:22 am

    I have a cleaner – I actually choose to work extra hours each week so we can afford it! I’m all for outsourcing, hipages sounds like a great concept!

  6. 27/06/2016 / 11:30 am

    I wish I had a cleaner! Cleaning has now become a weekend job that Hubby and I share!

  7. 27/06/2016 / 12:27 pm

    I need to use this is hire a Cleaner! I could do it myself but I just don’t like cleaning, haha 🙂

  8. 27/06/2016 / 1:04 pm

    we have a cleaner that comes once a fortnight. Life’s too short to mop your own tiles. 😉

  9. 27/06/2016 / 5:48 pm

    I am glad you got the help needed. We have had cleaners while I worked and I must say I “miss” being spoiled now I am retired. Between us though, hub and I clean the house and as it’s only 2 of us, it’s OK!

  10. 27/06/2016 / 6:30 pm

    Good on you mama! I have been dreaming about outsourcing the deep household clean for the past few weeks – I too just need them to focus on the bathroom and the kitchen areas, so I can get them back to a maintainable state. I will definitely give hipages a go!

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