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How To Save Money On Bedroom Furniture

How To Save Money On Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom should be the most relaxing room of your home. Your sanctuary in all the crazy.

Unfortunately because we tend to just close the door, the furniture within your refuge is often outdated and drab. Over time this can lead to it being the most avoided room of your house. Don’t let that happen to your haven.

save money on bedroom furniture

Update your bedroom and not spend a fortune

Does your bedroom need a freshen up? An overhaul? Perhaps you think you don’t have the money to achieve the look you lust over but you can add charm without spending a large amount of money. Here is how:

Research – Research is everything! Jump online and find out the average price of the bedroom furniture you are looking for, the delivery costs associated if this is required and then ring the local stockists and see what sort of deal they can do for you.

Buy on sale – Sounds simple enough, right? This is part of your research. Find out when stores will be having sales, get online and check. Read your junk mail and wait until the sales start to make your purchase. Bedroom furniture is expensive so never pay full price!

Haggle – This is crucial to getting a bargain! If you cannot haggle, take someone with you who can. Play the retailers against one another until you get a price you are happy with. You can even offer to take floor stock but ensure you get a further discounted price, particularly with beds and mattresses because every Joe Blow and his dog have been laying it!

Upcycle / refurbish – Upcycling has become extremely popular for those who want new things but cannot afford it. It allows the purchaser to buy it cheap and add their own creativity to produce a one of a kind personalised item.
Tip: When searching for bedroom furniture to refurbish, look for sturdy pieces that will last longer than your chosen bedroom theme. This will then give you the option to upcycle again at a later date or sell it. Check out these great DIY room ideas for inspiration!

Second hand – If you cannot afford to purchase items brand new; look on your local Buy, Swap and Sell pages on Facebook, visit nearby thrift stores and even check out weekend garage sales. You can often find bed frames, bedside tables, chest of drawers, etc. that are in near new condition for just a portion of the retail price. The only downside to this is that you don’t get the warranty that you would if you were to buy it from a store.

Accessories – Accessories are your best friend. They can brighten up the room, add life to the area and just give it a fresher and more up to date overview without having to replace all your bedroom furniture.

save money on bedroom furniture


Everyone wants to feel relaxed and inspired when they walk into their bedroom. They want that sense of calm and hominess to wash over them as they enter. Don’t let your old, dark furniture be the eye sore of your home.

Use these tips to create the bedroom you want while staying in your budget!

How do you save money on bedroom furniture?

save money on bedroom furniture

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  1. Rebecca H
    17/02/2016 / 3:51 pm

    Great advice and fabulous tips on saving on bedroom furniture. I have brought second furniture for bedrooms in my house. That was certainly a big money saver for us and they were pretty close to new. I just love sales too!

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