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How To Save Money On Furniture And Homewares

Save Money On Furniture And Homewares

It is time to get organised. Clean up, clear out and start fresh this festive season.

The holidays have rolled around again and guests are spending the weekend. You don’t want to be embarrassed by your old worn out homewares, so it is the perfect time to change your décor. Get that outdated and shabby furniture off your property and spruce it up with something new or new to you.

save money on furniture

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

You know the old saying. This is absolutely true when it comes to furniture and homewares. Unlike 10 years ago, today there are so many options to find a bargain and you are crazy to not try. Consider the following before you go out and pay full price:

Christmas and Boxing Day sales

Stores and warehouses around Australia have fantastic Christmas and Boxing Day sales. Sometimes you may have to hunt a little to find them but they are definitely there. You can save up to 50% on some items, which is nothing to be laughed at for brand new pieces of furniture!

Gumtree or Ebay

These websites are full of fantastic bargains. On Gumtree you will even find free homewares, electricals and outdoor furniture. A lot of the time there is absolutely nothing wrong with the items; people just upgrade and want to pass them onto someone else. Keep your eyes peeled for these bargains because they don’t last long!

TIP: For even better deals, check after Christmas when people replace their furniture or are selling their unwanted gifts!

save money on furniture | pallet furniture

Buy, Swap & Sell sites on Facebook

Similar to Gumtree, you can find mountains of free and cheap household goods and furniture in your local area. Social media has opened up opportunities for sellers to get rid of their unwanted goods and buyers to score themselves a bargain. Sometimes all the furniture needs is a little TLC to bring it back to its former glory.

Get creative with DIY

Look around your local garage sales, businesses, the above mentioned avenues and even friends places for scraps that can be turned into fun items. Wooden pallets are fantastic for creating practical but unique outdoor lounges and garden beds. Create feature pieces by turning old doors and cable reels into tables. For the festive season, extra esky’s and ice buckets are required which is where old bath tubs make the perfect addition to an outdoor area.

For more ideas on how you can create your own home decor with a little DIY, CLICK THE LINK!

save money on furniture | pallet furniture

Style and comfort doesn’t have to be expensive. You can stay well within your budget by doing a little bit of research and bartering to get a better price.

Everyone wants something new but new isn’t always better. Sometimes older products are built to a higher standard and will last longer than many new pieces. Consider your needs, wants and budget before making your purchases.

How do you save money on your furniture, homewares and gardening items?

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  1. Rebecca H
    17/12/2015 / 12:45 pm

    I love the Christmas and Boxing day sales. Its that time to get some good bargains. I find gumtree is great as well all year round.

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