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Hunter Valley Gardens Mega Bugs

Mega Bugs have invaded the Hunter Valley Gardens! You may have seen last week that we visited the Hunter Valley Gardens to view the Christmas Lights Spectacular and as usual we were not disappointed. If not you can read about it here. It hadn’t occurred to me until yesterday that we have never actually been there during the day to admire the wonderful gardens themselves. They are incredible. The reason we returned on Friday was to experience the Mega Bugs and as per usual the kids loved it!

Mega Bugs

The beauty of the Mega Bugs is that you can enjoy the elegance and hard work of the amazing gardens, features and fresh air while the kids look in awe and interact with the animatronic Mega Bugs located throughout the gardens. When visiting the Christmas lights you don’t realise how much beauty you are missing out on; this is of course replaced by incredible displays of lights though.

Mega Bugs

Throughout the gardens you will find a wide range of Mega Bugs that move and replicate their real life movements and sounds. Included are:

Ladybug – The ladybugs wings move up and down.
Mega Bugs

Spider – This Mega Spider has adopted the name Spider-saurus because it is so huge!
Mega Bugs
Blue Poison Arrow Frog – Just between you and me, I am petrified of frogs.

Mega Bugs

Praying mantis – This is absolutely huge! So large in fact it was difficult getting it all in the picture.

Mega Bugs
Wasp – I cannot explain how much detail is involved in this Mega Bug. Absolutely amazing!

Mega Bugs

Snail – This was one of my favourites!

Mega Bugs
Cricket – I got B1 & B2 to stand next to the cricket so everyone could see how big these bugs are. The cricket was one of the smallest there.

Mega Bugs
Bee on Flower – This bee buzzes about its business on a flower.

Mega bugs
Unfortunately I couldn’t get photos of them all but there are heaps more to see. Including: Cicada on tree, Scorpion (this shoots water out of its stinger), Bee, Blue Winged Butterfly, Red Winged, Caterpillar, Dragon Fly Male, Dragon Fly Female, Bean Worm, Green Frog, Centipede, Ant Family, Spider.Hunter Valley Gardens

The gardens and Mega Bugs were definitely worth seeing! It was such a fun day for the whole family and one the kids will remember for a long time to come.

If this is of interest to you and your family, you can purchase tickets on the Hunter Valley Gardens website OR WIN yourself 1 of 2 family passes over by clicking over here and entering the giveaway. You can experience both the Christmas Lights and Mega Bugs at once!! These family friendly events close on the 26th January.

Is there a bug lover in your house?

Disclosure: I received a family pass to the Mega Bugs for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Lisa Jene
    10/01/2015 / 6:57 pm

    Looks like an excellent adventure! Love the bee on the posy. And no offence to phobias, but that frog has nothing on the praying mantis! 🙂

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