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Imperial Leather ~ more than soap with a sticker

Everyone knows Imperial Leather soap, it’s the one we all want as kids because it has the sticker on it! I can feel you nodding along right now because every child references the Imperial Leather bar of soap with the shiny gold sticker. As a child every time we bought soap I always wanted that one, as an adult however I like to embrace fragrance and more feminine scents. Imperial Leather have taken the desire for fragrance into account with their new range of body wash and hand wash. After extensive research they found that 97% of men and women surveyed felt more confident when wearing a fragrance and 2/3 Australians wear perfume or aftershave on a daily basis. I am an everyday perfume wearer and like to change it up, which is quite evident by the 30+ bottles I have in varying scents. Each scent triggers a different feeling or emotion, leaving me feeling sexy, confident, relaxed, or reminiscent.

Imperial leather

I have been using 3 of the products from the new Imperial Leather range and love them, one in particular is my favourite. No. 30 Tahitian Retreat.

Imperial Leather

No. 30 is called Tahitian Retreat and this couldn’t be named more appropriately. A coconut and sandalwood mixture, this bodywash instantly makes you think of a holiday. The coconut evokes relaxing a sensation and leaves you feeling moisturised.

Imperial Leather

N0 37. Flirtatious, a combination of pomegranate and wild rose. I found this fragrance to be more rose than pomegranate but it was very refreshing and soft on the skin. All the Imperial Leather body wash contain strong moisturising properties that feel like luxury in a liquid form.

Imperial Leather

No. 35. Zen Garden is an anti-bacterial and cleansing handwash that combines green tea and kaffir lime. It is invigorating and fresh without being overpowering. The Imperial Leather handwash is soap free, skin friendly pH and improves skin hydration.

There are many more fragrances to this new range and I’m sure you will not be disappointed. View the new Imperial Leather collection here.

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Stephanie Veljanovska
    03/10/2014 / 2:00 pm

    these sound really nice my grandparents always had the imperial leather soap at their house so I always thought it smelt like Grandpa’s lol

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