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Keep healthy this winter

Keeping healthy and on top of life in winter is a hard thing to accomplish especially when you have kids that attend school or childcare. They pick up bugs, flus and god only knows what else. Being the sharing little people they are they distribute these germs around the home and to everyone else in the vicinity of a 100m radius. Extra precautions are required in the cooler months to keep immune systems at their best, to kick the health draining illnesses in the backside before they have a chance to take hold and keep you out of the game.


Great for kids. RRP from $18.95

As soon as we feel the season changing we ensure we take our vitamins and eat extra vegetables so that we are doing everything we can to maintain our health. While I find it easy enough to swallow vitamins the kids struggle and it’s near impossible unless they are chewable. Up until recently when I was contacted by Hivita Vitamins I wasn’t aware that there was a liquid vitamin. The Hivita Liquivita is a multivitamin in liquid form which is ideal for children over the age 2, people who cannot swallow tablets and the elderly. The benefits of this are wonderful and stretch far beyond just your immune system – it also assists in the maintenance of healthy teeth, gums, skin and blood.  I have tasted the liquivita and while it isn’t the nicest tasting, I have definitely tasted worse medicine. The kids didn’t seem to mind the taste though which is a benefit in them wanting to take their supplements.

Womens Multi RRP from $26.95

Hivita also cater to women with their Women’s Multi which offers a blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that assist in maintaining your nutritional needs, vitality and stamina. I have been taking this vitamin for almost a month now and while friends of mine have caught everything that they could possibly catch I have been living life as usual. The multi-vitamin also helps relieve the symptoms of PMS and assist your bodies ability to cope with stress. It is a great feeling knowing you have that additional help to keep your body (and mind) fighting fit and because Hivita are passionate about health and wellbeing  I didn’t see the harm in giving them a trial as my immune system body guards. They can stay on full time. Hivita are Australian owned and 100% Australian made and offer many wonderful posts on healthy living and staying well so pop over to their website and check out how you can maintain your health this winter.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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