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Shoe obsessed….

I am shoe obsessed. A shoeaholic some might say. I LOVE SHOES! Those who know me in ‘real life’ know that with each new season brings a new range of fashion and footwear for me; well the desire for them at least. I am always on the lookout for shoe and accessory sales and while on the hunt for a new cafe with my husband last week I stumbled upon a store I didn’t even realise was there – it must have opened up recently. Ziera. It had a gorgeous yellow handbag in the window that caught my eye and before you ask, of course I poked my head in and had a look around. Laid out before me were a selection of crisp boots calling my feet. I grabbed a catalogue from the store to browse while enjoying my coffee (and dropping completely obvious  subtle hints to the husband) and jumped online to visit their website when I got home. You should check out their winter range when you get a spare few minutes – they might be calling for your feet as well Cinderella.

My top 5 favourites from Ziera are:

shoe obsessed

Ziera Judith heels $269

Add height without compromising comfort. Great for winter – work or play.


Ziera Zane heels $229

Perfect for the office paired with tights and a skirt or knee length dress.


Ziera Waikato Boots $269

Got a great pair of jeans? Pair these with them and you’ll look smokin’ hot!


Ziera Santiago Boots $369

A must have for every wardrobe. Goes with every outfit – jeans, skirts or dresses.


Ziera Talya Boots $215

Great all rounder for winter that will keep your toes warm.


Ziera Neitie Yellow Handbag $79

This the bag that caught my attention in the shop window. Isn’t she pretty?!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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