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Limited edition LeapPad 2 Bundles {Review}

We live in a very technology rich world and our kids are learning to use devices like the LeapPad 2 that we couldn’t have dreamed of using at such a young age. While I let my children indulge in the ‘toys’ of today they are time limited on the games they play, education games on the other hand are given some leeway.  When looking for tablets (or similar) for kids you want something strong, something that in the unfortunate event it is dropped it will survive. Something that is going to be able to handle those little fingers poking at the screen.

LeapPad 2

I was offered the opportunity to try out the LeapFrogs LeapPad 2 Limited Edition Disney Monsters University Bundle and I must say I am not disappointed, neither are the kids! There is probably a reason LeapPad from LeapFrog is the number 1 kids’ learning tablet. This Monsters bundle and the Disneys Princess are exclusive to Target and LeapFrog‘s online store for RRP $169. The bundles include the limited edition LeapPad 2 tablet, ‘Sulley’ cleaning cloth, $30 App centre downloadable card, exclusive stickers and wallpaper and the amazing ‘Mike’ moulded gel skin. While this does seem like a lot  of money you definitely pay for quality. I can vouch that these are tough! My 1 year old has grabbed it off the couch or taken it from the boys bedrooms and dropped it the tiles on more than one occasion and you would never know, there is not a scratch, mark or dent on it which makes this a great first tablet option.


The features don’t just end at surviving the drop test; it has front and back cameras plus a video camera. With a 4GB memory it is capable of holding up to 20,000 photos and 70 apps! Oh and it comes with 9 apps already loaded to it but when you are ready to add more you can choose from a library of 400+ educator approved apps and games so you are bound to find something that appeals to your little ones.  My 5 year loves his LeapPad 2 and is expanding his knowledge whilst having fun. If you are looking at introducing your child to tablets then I’d seriously consider the LeapPad 2.


Disclosure: As mentioned above I received a LeapPad 2 to review for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.

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