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Name Labels For School – Skool Labels – Discount

With the start of another school term; the final one for the year, comes another round of stocking up on pencils, glue and rubbers.

It seems to be never ending. I don’t know whether the kids actually use all their stationary, they lose it or someone takes their property. But whatever the reason for them going through so much of it is; I am going to do everything to ensure that if they misplace it, someone will return it.

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Putting labels on their items is a great way to ensure their belongings are named. Personalised labels are even better, for a few reasons.

1 – I don’t have to write their name repeatedly and 2 – you can personalise it to suit their interests. It’s a win – win!

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I have labelled the kids items this term with stickers from Skool Labels. They personalise labels for kids and because they specialise in kid’s interests, they know exactly what to offer.

They have options in a few different product ranges. Name labels come in: Classic stick ons (prices from $16.95 for 36 labels), Small stick ons (prices from $14.95 for 36 labels), Square stick ons (prices from $12.95 for 22 labels) and circle stick ons (prices from $12.95 for 18 labels).

As a result of them being waterproof and dishwasher safe, these are perfect for lunch containers, water bottles, school books, etc.

Skool Labels | All Mum Said

The pencil labels, while they are great for labelling pencils and markers, they are also the perfect size for glasses. Never again do you have to worry about lost glasses. Price: $19.95 for 130 labels.

The iron on labels will ensure your child never loses their uniform, clothing at day care, towel at swimming, etc. They are washing machine and tumble dryer safe! Prices from $14.95 for 42 labels.

Skool Labels | All Mum Said

Each of these label options are available in a range of colours, fonts and icons. They make personalising seriously and ensure kids feel like individuals. They are bright, fun and would put a smile on every child’s face.

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In case the great quality and range doesn’t have you interested; perhaps the FREE SHIPPING and three day dispatch will have you fascinated.

Skool Labels | All Mum Said


To celebrate the return of term 4, Skool Labels are offering 20% OFF ALL Skool Labels.

Purchase between 28th September to 4th October and use the promo code BTS20 to receive your discount!

Disclosure: I received the above Skool Labels for the purpose of this review. All Opinions are my own.

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