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How To Pick The Right Family Car

How To Pick The Right Family Car

Don’t just buy the first car you see, read this, it will save you time and money!

Need to upgrade? Your current car just isn’t performing the way you need it to? Well now is the time to change that. Unfortunately this begs the question ‘what car should I buy?’
To answer this, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

pick the right family car

Choosing a car – what you need to know

Not every car is made equal. Not every car will suit every family. There are several factors that determine the compatibility of a car with each individual family. These include:

Family size – The size of your family impacts greatly on what car to buy. Do you plan on growing your family further or are you finished having children? Larger families will be restricted to cars with more seats and that influences selections significantly.

Car size – Do you prefer small and compact or large and in charge? This is a personal preference but is something that must be considered for the comfort of the main driver. Compact cars are typically easier to park and drive in the city, whereas SUV type cars offer more interior space and better handling on country roads.

Families with multiple small children in boosters and car seats will have to take the interior and seat size into account because children are legally required to use them until the age of seven. For more information on child seat requirements visit Road Safety NSW.

Will you be involved in carpools and require an extra seat? Or sleepovers? There are many reasons why you may need an extra seat and this should also be considered.

Storage space – It isn’t just the family that has to fit. You need space for your groceries, pram, baby gear, sporting equipment and more!

Budget – Affordability is crucial in choosing a car. But it isn’t just the cost of the car that you need to budget for. There are several costs involved – fuel (the more efficient the better), registration, insurance and servicing.

Style – Do you prefer sedans, wagons, hatchbacks or vans? Each have their benefits and it is all relevant to how you plan on using your car, the ages of your children and the size of your family. For example, hatchbacks are great for nappy changes on the run while people movers are more ideal for older children as it offers more room. Visit an editorial resource such as Motoring.com.au for vehicle reviews and comparisons.

TIP: Test drive the car with all your children and their car seats.

Family safety – The ANCAP rating should be the first thing you look at. Look past anything with less than four-star ANCAP rating, your family’s safety is not worth risking. If possible buy a car with ISOFIX, particularly if you have young children.

2wd or 4wd – Consider how you will be using your car as this will determine whether you need a two wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicle. If you plan on just sticking to sealed roads than two wheel drive is great but if you spend time off road, camping, towing a trailer, etc. than you should opt for the four wheel drive. It offers more features needed to safely manoeuvre different terrains.

Pick The Right Family Car

The perfect car should accommodate your family and fit within your budget. There are several considerations and differing factors for each family but these tips will help you pick the right family car.

Help others pick the right family car – share your tips below.

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