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Protecting Your Family’s Financial Future

Protecting Your Family’s Financial Future

You probably already look to insure your car, home and maybe your health but what about your family’s financial future? Many people overlook the idea of having life insurance or are not fully aware of the benefits but it can give all-important peace of mind if the main earner in the household dies or cannot work. Here are some of the reasons why you should think about having life insurance.

The Benefits of Life Insurance

How would you cope financially if you lost the income of the main earner in the household? For most people, this would be a devastating scenario, especially if you have little or no savings to help you.

There are several different options when it comes to buying life insurance and a lot will depend on the type(s) of scenario that you want to cover yourself for. Most people are at least vaguely aware of general life insurance (also known as Death insurance), which provides a lump sum payment for beneficiaries if the policyholder dies or becomes terminally ill.

Besides this, there is also the option to buy Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance, Trauma insurance (also known as Critical Illness insurance) and Income Protection insurance. These life insurance products can protect against being unable to work due to permanent disability, certain medical traumas and illness, injury or an accident.

Do You Already Have Any Life Insurance?

If you have a superannuation fund, you may already have at least some degree of life insurance attached to this. This has the benefit of being cost effective as premiums are deducted from your super balance but it does have some drawbacks.

Many people are content to rely solely on this (especially if they would struggle to find room in their budget for premiums) but the default minimum cover will rarely be enough to provide an adequate level of protection unless you choose to upgrade from this. Not all types of life insurance are available through your super fund; Trauma/Critical Illness insurance cannot be bought in this way, for example.

You can choose to buy more life insurance cover through your super fund or shop around for additional cover through an insurer.

How Much Life Insurance to Buy?

Underinsurance is a big problem in Australia, especially for life insurance. This means that many people do not have enough life insurance in place to provide adequate protection if the worst happens. This is largely to do with an over reliance on life insurance offered through superannuation but is also due to not recognising how much life insurance is needed to give genuine financial peace of mind.

Firstly, you’ll need to think about your anticipated current and future expenses, including bills, rent or mortgage payment and debts over the next few decades. As a general rule of thumb, most families will benefit from having something in the region of $500 000 or more of Death insurance but a lot depends on your outgoings and how long you may need the payment to last for.

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