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Real Mums Put The New Mountain Buggy Swift To The Test

Buying a pram is a tough decision.

Odds are you will have this for years to come. Well that is the plan anyway. Unfortunately for a lot of new parents they don’t know what to look for when purchasing a pram so they buy the wrong one which ultimately leads to them replacing it sooner and costing them more money.

For the past month a few mums and I have been using the new Mountain Buggy Swift thanks to a Babyology. We shared our thoughts over there >> you can read them here but I also wanted to share a more in depth review with you. With my fourth baby now 7 months old, I have used my fair share of prams/strollers so I know what I like and what I don’t.

mountain buggy swift

Mountain Buggy Swift Review

More often than not it is the little things that make a big difference in whether or not a pram will be ideal for you and your family’s activities.

mountain buggy swift

Versatility and ease of use

This pram glides over any surface. Being so compact I had my doubts that it would be smooth but if you are on road, pavement, dirt or grass, you will not be disappointed in the versatility. I have used this on walks around the shop, while running and on simple trips like taking the kids to the park and its maneuverability cannot be faulted. With 10” air-filled tyres you are ready for all on and off road adventures.

mountain buggy swift

Weight and size

This compact Mountain Buggy weighs only 9.1kg so you will not have any issues getting it in and out of the car. The width is great at 58cm, don’t be fooled into thinking the seat will be smaller as a result because it is a full size seat incorporated into a compacted design. The handlebar height is variable from 66-98cm which is perfect for me as I am 5’3 (maybe 5’4 on a tall day).

Seating options

The Mountain Buggy Swift on its own is front facing and allows recline from completely flat to upright, making it ideal for newborns through to toddlers. The recline is simple to use and can be adjusted to meet your exact preferred angle.

mountain buggy swift

If you add the Carrycot plus accessory, it offers a few more options. One is similar to a bassinet for newborns and comes with a wind cover so your bub is fully protected from the elements. My seven month old fits in the bassinet carrycot so don’t stress on whether they will be able to use for long, it offers space without being too bulky. If your child wakes when moved from pram to bed or when visiting friends and family, you will be pleased to know that this easily unclips and has a handle so you can remove it from the pram and place down next to you.

mountain buggy swift
Alternatively, you can use the Carrycot plus as a parent facing pram. By swapping the fabrics on the frame you completely change the seat. If your baby suffers from reflux then you will love this option because it can be easily adjusted from lie-flat mode to incline mode, ensuring your baby can be at the optimal angle. Swapping between front facing and carrycot options are as easy as changing the fabrics and adding the attachment pieces to the frame. It takes less than 5 minutes to go from the newborn carrycot to the front facing option.

mountain buggy swift

How does it look?

You will look like a mother (or father) on a mission with this bad boy. The compact design offers a sleek but tough appearance. The fabrics are durable, tough and designed to take everything a baby and toddler can dish out. The designers of this pram obviously have kids because they have thought of everything!
All fabrics can be removed and washed in addition to a separate removable and reversible liner so your pram can always look its best, regardless which seating option you are using.

mountain buggy swift

Safety features?

There are so many safety features on this pram so I will just share my favourites. First of all, the handbrake – it is conveniently located and so easy to use. It can be found on the right hand side of the handles and only requires you to turn the switch to lock. It is easy enough to turn but hard enough that you can’t accidentally unlock it.

The five point safety harness – while many prams have these; they can often be a real pain to click in, particularly when your child starts the ‘I don’t want to sit in the pram, arching of the back’ stage. The Mountain Buggy Swift features a five point harness that can be clipped in one at a time so there is no struggling to hold pieces together while wrestling your child to click it. It also only requires one push to release them all at once. No more struggling or fussing. It is so unbelievably easy!

The sun canopy has a flick out mesh sun visor that offers a UPF 50+ rating so your baby is also protected from the sun.

mountain buggy swift

At a glance

Compact – Requires very little boot space.
Hand brake – Convenient placement and easy to use.
Seating options – Multiple options from birth to four years (20kg max).
Folding – Convenient one hand folding with built in frame lock.

Drink holder – Great for a drink bottle but I personally would prefer a drink holder that stays upright so I can place my coffee/smoothie, keys, etc. without worry it will spill or I will lose my belongings.
Folding – Unfortunately when you have the Carrycot attached you have to remove it before folding. This is easy enough to do but takes up a bit more space in the boot when separate.

Do I like it?

I love this pram! The features they have incorporated into such a compact stroller is amazing and if you can afford it ($699), it is money well spent because you will have it until your child outgrows it.

What do you look for in a pram? What is your ‘must have’ feature in a stroller?

Disclosure: I received the Mountain Buggy Swift for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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