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How To Revamp Your Living Room With Cushions

Cushions are a designers’ dream accessory for several reasons; they enliven a room with colour, introduce fun and intriguing prints and patterns, and combine different shapes, sizes and textures — all the while evoking a sense of comfort and cosiness. Here’s how to use cushions to restyle your living room and give it a well-deserved update.

Revamp Living Room With Cushions

 A style to match

What style defines your personality and taste? Do you enjoy a more relaxed and pared back Scandi aesthetic? The soothing and calm vibe of coastal styling? Or perhaps you find it difficult to settle on one particular style and prefer an eclectic mix of colour, texture and pattern? Articulating your own personal design style will give you a basis to build upon, and help create a space that reflects it. Once you’ve nailed down your desired style, use indoor or outdoor covers to unify the scheme with colours and textures that offer a cohesive finish to the rest of the spaces aesthetic.

 A pop of colour

Looking to add a punch with a new colour scheme that you’ll love all year long? Cushions are a fantastic way to bring a splash of colour and take your living room interior from safely chic to completely memorable. Whether you opt for a bold print for a solid couch, or a solid shade for a floral sofa, the right pairing of colours can add just the right amount of pop.

Throw cushions can go a long way to reflecting your unique taste — bold, vibrant colours like bright yellow tones make a strong style statement, while muted neutral tones offer a relaxed and polished finish. For a sophisticated contemporary look, introduce earthy browns, smoky greys and deep greens; to create a soothing oasis pair white, beige, soft blue and stone hues; and if you’re feeling bold and daring, layer cushions in non-clashy mix of jewel tones.

Mix patterns and prints

Introducing patterns and prints is a simple yet fantastic way to unify your living room interior. For a pared down look, ease yourself in with one type of pattern when layering your cushions, and play around with scale to give the illusion of variety. For a modern take of mixing different patterns and prints, start with a base of solids and break up the look by layering block stripes against geometric prints. The key to mixing patterns and prints is to vary the shades of your favourite colour in order to avoid the overall arrange from looking flat.  

Touch of texture

Colours and patterns make a true style statement that’s easy to notice. And though texture may not be as obvious, the impact is just as dramatic. Use cushions in various textiles to add depth and visual weight to a living room scheme. Layering different fabrics and finishes brings warmth and softness to a sleek modern space, and adds visual interest to a monochrome room without breaking the colour palette. Love velvet? Embrace it! Prefer cotton and linen? Bring it into the scheme of things! Mix and matching these various textural finishes creates a look that is as comfortable and cosy as it is stylish.

Get your focal point right

A beautifully styled sofa can draw attention and add focus to a room that lacks it. Play around with a stunning collection of cushions in different hues, textures, fabrics and shapes to add visual interest, and even build the rest of the rooms’ scheme around it. This is perhaps a brilliant way to create a “wow” factor that makes a world of difference to the rest of the rooms’ interior scheme.

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