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Summer is Soon to End, But It Doesn’t Mean Nights Outdoors Have to

One of the wonderful things about summer is enjoying summer evenings outdoors. Families often eat outside and spend happy hours relaxing in the outdoor area. With the end of summer many families head indoors and put away ideas of outside evenings until the warmer months reappear. But there are so many excellent outdoor heating options available that there really is no need to stop spending nights outdoors in the cooler weather.

Barbeques Galore Australia has a number of efficient and attractive outdoor heating options for those who enjoy evenings out of doors. Here are a few options that will keep you warm and cosy while enjoying outdoor evenings in the cooler months.

The Brazier

Braziers are good old fashioned outdoor heating devices. They are inexpensive to buy and also add great atmosphere to your outdoors. They are made from tempered steel that is usually painted or power-coated in black so they will fit in with any outdoor décor. You can buy briquettes to use as fuel. These are not expensive and very efficient at producing heat. Once the briquettes are lit they will look great; the glowing embers will provide atmosphere as well as warmth. You will need to watch the kids though as braziers are hot to touch.

The Fire Pit

Fire Pits are enjoying a return to popularity. Your family will get a lot of enjoyment relaxing around the fire pit and it will keep you all warm. Fire pits use wood, charcoal or heat beads for fuel. They are usually bowl shaped and made of tempered steel. They do get hot, so again you will need to watch the kids. Fire pits add some enchantment to outdoor evenings, a great place to gather to tell stories and spin tales. A fire pit allows you the advantages of having an outdoor fire without the mess or the damage to your yard.

The Mexican Chiminea

Chimineas are basically outdoor wood burning heaters. They were traditionally made from clay but are now available in cast iron as well. They vary in size and are one of the least expensive ways of providing outdoor heat. They provide a gentle ambience to your outdoor area and will keep you warm. The outside of the chiminea will get hot, so care should be taken that no one touches it.

Outdoor Gas Patio Heater

Gas patio heaters have become increasingly common in outdoor settings, both commercially and in people’s home. This is because they are very efficient at spreading radiant heat into the surrounding air. The area they heat will depend on the size of the heater, but they can warm a reasonably large area, up to around 5 metres. They are also very safe as the hot part of the heater is well above children’s reach. They are not great in windy conditions though. They are usually hooked up to a gas bottle that sits neatly within the heating unit.

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