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7 Tips For a Calm and Cosy Kids Bedroom

As much as we’d love to go all out with our kids’ bedrooms, reflecting their bright and energetic personalities through décor, it’s often not the best idea for several reasons.

The psychology of colours comes very much into play with kids’ bedrooms, with some colours offering a calming effect and others providing the opposite. Colours, textures and furnishings have a huge impact on children’s moods and the cosier the bedroom the better.

toddler bedroom with Australian wall art for kids

But how do you make a kids bedroom cosy while still keeping it fun, whimsical or cheerful? Here are some tips:

Tips for a cosy kids’ bedroom

  1. Pick the right colours

Although red might be your child’s absolute favourite colour and their top pick for bedroom décor, it’s known to provide too much stimulation in kids as do orange, yellow and stark white. If you’re opting for a calm and cosy space, particularly if you’re looking to reduce stress and anxiety in your child, opt for pale pink, pale blue, soft green and muted purple for a calming effect.  According to a study carried out by Texas University on The Effects of Colour on Learning and Behaviour, green is the most restful for the eye, blue has a calming effect on the heart rate and respiratory system, cool colours are preferred by active children and warm colours by passive children.

white bed sheets and pillows

  1. Buy good quality linen

As adults, we know what it feels like to slide into a bed with good quality, high thread count sheets. It certainly beats the scratchy feeling of cheap ones. Well, it’s the same for kids. Get them the best quality sheets, pillow and quilt cover you can afford.

  1. Add a floor rug

There are many reasons you should add a floor rug to your child’s bedroom. Firstly, it adds warm, particularly if the room has wooden floorboards. It also adds warmth through texture. Lastly, a floor rug allows you to bring colour into the room.

  1. Use fabric wall decals

Fabric wall decals like these Butterflies from Isla Dream Prints can bring an instant whimsical feel to a plain bedroom and encourage little imaginations to wander while enjoying time in their bedroom. Simply by adding beautiful butterfly wall decals, a child can imagine being in a secret garden, off with the fairies; they may never want to leave.

Australian wall art for kids

  1. Use layers on the bed

Have you ever looked at a bed with layered throws and blankets and you cannot wait to get in? The same goes for kids. Add a blanket or comforter to the foot of the bed so your child can pull it up if it gets colder during the night.

  1. Go nuts with comfy pillows

Comfy pillows have the same effect as a layered blanket; they’re so inviting. Create the perfect space for your child to sit and cosy up while reading a good book or chatting with their friends while they’re over for a visit.

cosy kids bedroom with cushions and wall art

  1. Use a lamp for soft lighting

Lighting is essential to creating the calm and cosy feel, and it’s often hard to achieve this with standard lighting as it can be too bright. If you don’t have a dimmer switch installed, consider using a lamp with a low wattage bulb or string lights can be placed around the bedroom for a soft glow.

After all of the effort you put into creating a calm and cosy kids bedroom, let’s hope it pays off for you with plenty of early to bed nights, sleep-ins and happily occupied kids!


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