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Transporting furniture from overseas

I went to Canada a few years ago and came across the most beautiful heavy wood dining table that had equally gorgeous matching chairs. It was affordable, the perfect size and exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone that would transport it back to Australia for me and had to leave without it. I was absolutely devastated. I have been searching high and low since that day for something fractionally as nice and have been disappointed with every store I visit. This table was a 10 seater with the most intricate detailed legs but that were subtle enough to not take over its natural beauty. If I had discovered Allworld Logistics back then, that gorgeous setting would be sitting in my dining room right now.

No one wants to feel like they have left behind an item that was so perfect and so fitting that it was almost like it was made specifically for them. Made with love and quality products but have something so minor stop you from having it. The idea of transporting furniture around the world seems very intimidating and requires a lot of effort but if you can find the right company it makes the whole process stress free. As I mentioned above, Allworld Logistics would have had my dining table and chairs to me within a reasonable timeframe and in perfect condition. They not only meet expectations, they aim to exceed them and by offering a wide range of services they are more than capable of getting your perfect overseas items to your door safely and efficiently. Sometimes things do go wrong and restrictions prevent us from being able to bring things back to Australia with us however that is why companies like Allworld Logistics are so popular, they take care of everything.

copper dining table

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I am still on the hunt for a new family dining table and since learning about this 100% Australian owned company I am no longer limited to the commodities within driving distance. I can once again expand my search overseas. I will find the perfect one again and this time I’ll be prepared.  I have recently been eyeing off a table from Tres Amigos Furniture. It isn’t what I would usually go for but it is unique and like nothing I have ever seen before, which is why it caught my eye. That is the beauty of having the option of purchasing from overseas. There is a wider selection of items available. Purchasing furniture from another country does come with some risks though and the main one is your purchase being damaged in transit. While most furniture factories include ‘export quality packaging’ in the price of the furniture, it is not worth the risk using their packaging as these are usually flimsy and inadequate. When importing and transporting furniture into Australia it is always a good idea to check out daff.gov.au prior to purchasing to see if it can legally be imported into the country.

This post was written in collaboration with Allworld Logistics.

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