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Travel Cot Light ~ BabyBjorn

Port-a-cots are one of those things that most families have somewhere in their homes taking up valuable storage space; just in case they go away and need it one day. I am no exception. Our youngest is 4 and we still kept ours just in case a friend came around who has a little one, which none of them do! I must say that they are great to have when you have a baby or infant and go to a barbeque or away for the weekend but seriously the amount of space they take up is ridiculous!


That is until BabyBjorn saw this problem and they came up with a solution. The BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light is exactly that, a travel cot that packs light! It takes up next to no room when being stored. It measures a tiny 60cm x 49cm x 14cm when folded!


The benefits to this port-a-cot don’t end there! It is so easy to set up, it can be done by pretty much anyone (mums, dads, older siblings, grandparents) and all with ease. It takes approximately 25 seconds to fully set up and that’s if you take your time. It is no harder to pack it away either, no annoying buttons that you have to push 6 in at once for it to fold. Just pull and fold each leg back up.

Like I said so simple!!

The mattress cover and cot fabric are removable so they can washed and in the washing machine too! I know it is sounding more and more appealing. With its sturdy design and mattress that contains a built in base I am a huge fan of this travel cot. It is great quality and does not feel flimsy in the slightest. Perfect for newborns to approx. 3 years. These cots retail for $395.00 but you can often find them on sale online.

For more information on the Travel Cot Light or where you can purchase them, visit BabyBjorn here.

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