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What’s your stink?

When you live in a house of mostly males there are bound to be some a lot of horrible, awful and unimaginable smells. A lot of the time I don’t think I want to know what the odour is that they have just wafted through the house from room to room but being a mother I always have to ask just in case it is something that has crawled into their school bag, bedrooms, etc. and died! Luckily this is yet to happen and hopefully won’t – ever. I like my house to be fresh; not only in appearance but aromas as well and having kids and a husband makes it near impossible. Since it would be very impractical, time consuming and quite costly for me to follow the boys and my husband around and spray pretty smelling stuff in the rooms they have just stunk out I have opted for something that freshens the rooms automatically.

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You may have seen recently the new Dettol Glen 20 healthy air system in your local supermarket or on TV; I have been using it and want to share with you my thoughts. It has only been in action for a few days but so far it is great for neutralising the bad smells; I have noticed a more pleasant scent around my living areas! I love the convenience that it automatically releases bursts of fragrance allowing my home to remain smelling fresh, clean and welcoming. It is also very easy to use; basically you put the refill in, set the intensity control and it does the rest by itself! Set and forget – it doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

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When there are majority males in the household the bathroom tends to become a zone of ‘enter at your own risk’. The smells left behind can be quite unpleasant at times. Thankfully the freshmatic air system helps to neutralise the bathroom odour and periodically releases bursts of fresh air scent to leave my home smelling wonderful.

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