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5 Fun Book Week Costume Ideas For Kids

This year’s theme is “ESCAPE TO EVERYWHERE”. If the idea of putting together a costume leaves you looking for the escape pod then never fear! All Mum Said is here!

Book Week 2017 is August 19 – 26th so get ready to get that magic working (otherwise it’s a sheet with holes cut out for eyes again, and nobody wants that!)

5 easy Book Week Costume Ideas For Kids

Book week costume ideas – Everybody roar! Like a dinosaur!

Escape back in time to the land of the Jurassic! Your child can take inspiration from “How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?” (Jane Yolen and Mark Teague) and get their Ceratosaurus stomp on! Theme song? Justine Clark’s “Dinosaur Roar!”

no sew dinosaur costume | Halloween costume | Book weeks costume

Credit: gingersnapcrafts.com
(Click photo to see full original tutorial)

Book week ideas like this image are easy! Solid colour clothes, cut out triangles from felt or just use ready-made bunting. Hot glue gun and you’re off and racing!

Book week costume ideas – I do believe in fairies!

Peter Pan is an absolute TREASURE TROVE of book week ideas. Peter? Captain Hook? Tinkerbell? A miscellaneous Lost Boy? A mermaid? A random pirate? They’re all there and they’re all EASY!

Peter pan and the lost boy costumes for Halloween and Book week

Credit: abeautifulmess.com (Click photo to see full original tutorial)

Putting together a Lost Boy costume is as easy as digging through the laundry basket, crafting a cardboard sword and getting creative in the hat department.

Book week costume ideas – The Tiger Who Came To Tea

tiger face paint for easy costumes

Credit: ahorasoymama.com (Click photo to see full original tutorial)

A classic! The Tiger Who Came To Tea is one of those books that we all remember from childhood so there’ll be no “Ummm… what are you?” conversations. A bit of tiger face paint before school, pop on an orange t-shirt and your work here is done!

Book week costume ideas – Captain Underpants

The Adventures of Captain Underpants are HUGE in the kid world and you’re going to love how easy the costume is as well.

Easy Captain Underpants costume for Halloween or Book Week

Credit: lessalibrarian.wordpress.com (Click photo to see full original tutorial)

Get the kids to borrow Dad’s Y-Fronts, whack on a cape and an eyemask made out of red card and you’re ready to save the world before you can say “CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!”.

Book week costume ideas – Everything is Awesome!

This one is the best! Is your kid into Lego? Are they ever! Have you thought about a Lego costume?

Lego man costume for Halloween or Book week

Credit: warfieldfamily.com (Click photo to see full original tutorial)

You might need to do a little forward planning for the head (you can buy Lego masks from quite a few places), cut out a blocky-shaped bib like you see here, yellow dishwashing gloves and voila! Ready to save the world from Lord Business!

Any other ideas? Share the literary love!



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  1. 07/08/2017 / 9:10 pm

    Oh. No!! I hadn’t even thought about book week this year!!! Being start working on it soon!!

  2. 08/08/2017 / 2:50 am

    What a cute idea! I never thought of having a costume theme for book reading!

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