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5 Gift Ideas For Newborns

Welcoming a new person into the world is always exciting, but you know that their parents will be absolutely exhausted for a while to come. Even if they have tried to prepare for their new arrival as best as they can, there are some things they may have forgotten or run out of time to buy. And then there are items that just don’t fit in the budget. If you are in the market for a gift for a friend’s new baby, here are some ideas you might want to consider.

1. Personalised Items

Personalising a gift will make it all the more special, both for the parents and the newborn. You want an item that will be practical and memorable yet will also last a long time. It may even be worth trying to make something with your own two hands. But if you aren’t that handy or crafty, you might prefer to take advantage of specialists in personalising gifts such as Personalised Favours.

2. Blankets

A newborn can never have enough blankets, especially if they are born during the colder winter months. There are so many different types of blankets, made from a variety of materials, so there are endless possibilities for gifts. You might want to also consider personalising such a purchase (with the child’s name or initials, for example) just to add that extra bit of flair.

3. Clothes

Clothes are always a great gift, and you will always have fun shopping around for them. The number of outfits available for children is enormous, so make sure you look for clothes that have been constructed and sewn well and are also easy to wash.

4. Books

Even though they may not be able to read yet, every child needs their own library of books. This is often an overlooked gift, thanks to the advent of technology and eBooks and the like, but the tactile sensation of holding and reading a book is something that cannot ever be replicated.

5. Toys

Every child loves toys, and almost everyone will have fond memories of a cuddly toy that stayed with them through their childhood. You can also buy a variety of educational toys for newborns, and these can range from simple puzzles to the ever-popular set of alphabet blocks. If you want to buy something special, you may want to consider visiting a workshop where you can construct your own toy for your lucky recipient.

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These are just five types of gifts you might want to consider getting for a newborn. This is not a prescriptive list, and there are plenty of other fantastic presents out there for you to purchase. If you are still really stuck, consider asking some of your friends who have children for their ideas and thoughts on different types of presents; they should be able to point you in the right direction.

What types of gifts would you like or would you have wanted? What is the best gift you’ve received for your baby?

Share your favourite gift ideas for newborns in the comments.

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