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5 House Hunting Tips for Meticulous Mums

5 House Hunting Tips for Meticulous Mums

Buying a house is very exciting. It is a big accomplishment indeed. This is also the reason why people especially moms can be so meticulous about it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being thorough. In fact, it is advisable to be comprehensive and particular. This will ensure that you will choose and buy the perfect house for you and your family.

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House hunting tips

This post will share useful house hunting tips for meticulous moms out there. Are you ready to go house hunting? Here are some things to remember:

  • Schedule viewings and more viewings – when buying a house, you talk to realtors and schedule viewings of houses. Well, make the most of it. Do not settle with viewing just two or three houses and then buy what you like from those three. How about other houses that might be more beautiful? Expand your scope. Talk to different realtors that offer different houses in different areas and just schedule viewings until you find ‘the one’.
  • Go inside and don’t hesitate to inspect every corner – when viewing a house, you should go inside – meaning deep down inside. Do not hesitate to open cupboards, cabinets and even raise the rugs. You surely want to see what’s there in every corner of the house. This will make you feel more at ease. And of course, this will help you avoid any mistakes that you may regret.
  • Take a picture – it is also advisable to take pictures of the house – each room if possible. This will allow you to continue looking even if you are not there anymore. It gives you more time to think and picture yourself in that house. Once you picture yourself in it then maybe it is the one.
  • Take a third look – once you see a possible prospect, make sure to come back for not only second look but also third look. Yes, that’s right! It is good to see the house three times in different hours of day. Schedule a morning viewing, afternoon before dark and then in the evening to see the house in different lightings. Also, viewing the house in the daytime can easily make you miss some important aspects like the neighborhood. The area may be quiet and peaceful in the morning, but what about during nighttime? Maybe, the neighbors love to party and play loud music? You will only know about this if you also schedule a nighttime viewing.
  • Sketch the floor plan – lastly, try to draw the floor plan. You do not have to be super good in sketching but just a rough drawing to help you visualize if the furniture and arrangement you wish to achieve is indeed possible.

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Choose a house that that will complement your lifestyle. Do not rush things. Take your time in viewing different houses until you find the one for you. As mentioned above, it is crucial you are meticulous because this will result in you choosing a house you can call your dream home. In Melton, there’s a display village that you can check out. See if your dream house is in there.

What are your house hunting tips to finding the perfect home?

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      You will get there! Just keep saving and hunting 🙂

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