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5 Simple Backyard Upgrades

When people think about backyard upgrades, they often think of expensive ‘backyard blitz’ type projects. For many, the task just seems too big! Upgrading your backyard needn’t be expensive or arduous. It could be as simple as new turf, a splash of colour or a new backyard feature. You needn’t call the bank, an earthmover and a landscape architect to give your backyard an upgrade. It can be easy.

simple backyard upgrades

Simple Backyard Upgrades

Check out these five simple tips for upgrading your backyard:

simple backyard upgrades


Check out your lawn. Does it never look quite right? Can’t seem to get rid of those weeds? It might be high time that you consider re-turfing your backyard. So many backyards are a mish-mash of grass varieties (and a generous mix of weeds!) that really drag down the appearance and functionality of a yard. It’s always worth chatting to a turf expert such as Hanceys Turf to see how much of a difference laying new turf could make to your backyard area.

simple background upgrades


Mulch does a world of good for your gardens. It keeps in moisture, helps prevent weed growth and protects a newly established garden. Think about gardens you see in magazines or display homes – they are all mulched. A fresh layer of mulch on an existing or established garden can improve your garden instantly.

simple backyard upgrades

Fresh Colour

Is your potted colour more pot than colour? Your decorative bushes turned an eyesore? Perhaps it’s high time you invest in some fresh colour for your garden. Think about the existing colours of your yard – what will suit in with your existing scheme? Is there a new colour or theme you want to experiment with? In-season flowers or annuals can really upgrade a tired looking yard.


A Backyard Feature

You’ve probably got an interesting feature for inside your house – a nice painting, an eye-catching vase or an exotic piece of art. Why not have an interesting feature for outdoors? It needn’t be expensive or garish – something like a bird-bath, simple water feature or potted centre-piece can really upgrade an otherwise mediocre backyard

Simple backyard upgrades

Something To Sit On

So you’ve invested in a great lawn, coloured up your garden and have something beautiful to look at. Now what? Something to sit on! When you’ve got a beautiful backyard, you want to be able to sit and enjoy it. Something to watch the kids or grandkids from. Somewhere to lounge on a lazy Sunday afternoon. A place to enjoy the warm sunshine and coffee in the morning. A comfy, functional outdoor chair is worth its weight in gold!


Upgrading your backyard can be easy and inexpensive. New turf, a fresh layer of mulch and colour, something to look at and something new to sit on can do wonders for your yard! Have you found these tips helpful?

Have you recently upgraded or improved your backyard? What worked, or didn’t work for you? Have you got any nuggets of gold you can share?

Drop your ideas and thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Dawn Taylor
    14/12/2014 / 4:48 pm

    I dream of turning my backyard into a sanctuary, I’ve cut out pictures to show what I’d like, and happy to be told if my ideas can work, even transferred the money to pay for it all, but have no idea what to do next. Not sure if I’m meant to contact a gardener? landscaper? I know I don’t want my husband to do any of it, I am getting to be more work every week, he deserves a break, but I just have no idea. Guess I’ll dream of a backyard sanctuary for Christmas 2015, or maybe 2016 even

  2. 14/12/2014 / 7:18 pm

    Some great ideas! Really simple and make a big difference.

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