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6 Things New Uni Students Need To Consider

Further study is an exciting new chapter in a person’s life, regardless of where they are in life. For this reason, it is important that it is done right, meaning you must make sure you familiarise yourself with both the prospects and the responsibilities that come with going to university. Here are 6 things new uni students need to consider before and after enrolling.

Things New Uni Students Need To Consider

Housing Options

As a student mostly likely desperate for independence, you’re probably looking to move out. But the question remains, will you live on-campus or somewhere nearby? The most appealing option is student housing, simply because it gives you both security and freedom. Student accommodation like Iglu, for instance, is designed specifically for your student needs, meaning they will provide you with all the necessary facilities required to study, and then some (e.g. Wi-Fi, air-con, lounge areas, gyms, etc.). Your grades will skyrocket when you have purpose-built student lifestyle enhancements.

Book Expenses

Books can be bought second hand, at the bookstore or online. They can also be photocopied or even borrowed from the library. In other words, you may think you can’t afford textbooks, but you really can. These days most books can be viewed online anyway, because teachers are kind to both the trees and their students’ wallets.

Clubs and Societies

If you want to make any sort of impression, join a club. It can be any club—universities have hundreds to choose from. Being part of a club or society will allow you to feel more connected to the university in general. The first year is often the most traumatic, so it’s always nice to share your concerns with people in the same position as you. And if they have the same interests as you, hello friends!

Things New Uni Students Need To Consider

Buying Food

Whether you’re buying today’s lunch or stocking up for the week, it is crucial that you know how to buy food inexpensively. Get to know the area, establish a budget, and pack your lunch as often as possible. If you’re going to spend money, try to spend it on groceries rather than take-out, particularly if you are living out of home. You want to be able to afford the occasional fancy dinner or pub-crawl, so spend no more than you absolutely have to throughout the week.

Career Opportunities

If there’s ever a time to seek career advice, it’s during your time as a student. Where else will you be able to find free professional advice, internship opportunities and work experience? University is designed to help you find a job, so take advantage of this while you can.

Travel Opportunities

Studying abroad is an opportunity most students clamour for, if only for the change of scenery. The prospect of travel will encourage you to work harder to achieve the best grades possible, plus it will give you a major crack at independent living, if you weren’t already living it. A change of perspective is always a good idea, so add this to your list of things to investigate.

University should be made an experience, not a chore, which is why these things must be considered with care. Understanding the ins and outs of higher education will leave you feeling prepared, confident and ready to attack the next few years as a student.

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