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3 Benefits of Warehouse Storage for Your Business

Everything you sell or need to run your business has to be stored somewhere. While it’s great and convenient if you’ve got the space to store it at your office or home, it’s not always practical to do so – in some cases, it can even be detrimental to your business. Professional warehousing is often a much better alternative. Here’s why.

Benefits of Warehouse Storage

1. Space!

Give yourself plenty of room for all your products and equipment. You can get warehouse space much cheaper than you’re paying for either residential or retail property. Warehouses will typically have bigger doors, loading docks, forklift access, and a higher ceiling to fit in all those oddly-shaped items. Not only will you have more area and volume to stick all your stuff, but chances are it’ll be better organised. If not, businesses like Elbowroom can help you out with pallet racking and storage supplies like containers and shelving (click here for more details) if the warehouse doesn’t have adequate infrastructure in place.

2. Security and Insurance

A professional warehouse will have proper security fences, cameras, and locking systems; some will even have full-time staff and security guards if you’re renting through a third-party warehouse. Such security measures are harder to set up and control in a small, densely packed business area where your office might be, especially if you share a building with other businesses and people. With proper security measures come cheaper insurance rates, as insurance companies always reward those who take proper precautions, whether those precautions be against theft or natural disasters like fire or flood. This goes double for hazardous material – proper storage is a must for things like pesticides and paint thinners. As such, insurance companies can be great sources of information in regard to what sorts of storage you’ll require and where you might find it in your area.


3. Specialised Storage Options

Warehouses are way more than a bunch of shelves in a shed. They can be specialised, dedicated systems for storage of products and materials that have unique care requirements. Ice cream and frozen foods will require industrial freezers. Timber products will require humidity-and-temperature-controlled warehousing to prevent cracking and warping, as well as proper pest controls. And hazardous materials will require the utmost safety precautions – paints, fuels, solvents, industrial chemicals and even explosives will require very, very high levels of protection and care to prevent industrial or environmental disasters. You will also have to adhere to stringent laws regarding storage and movement if your business handles any of these kinds of materials.

Warehousing is an expense, yes, but it’s definitely one that can maximise the efficiency and profitability of your business. It’s worth paying for to know your stock and equipment is safe and properly cared for.Benefits of Warehouse Storage

Have you had any positive or negative experiences with using a warehouse or another option for storing your business’s products or equipment? Would you recommend a specialised storage solution for business purposes?

Share your story or advice in the comments below to help out other business owners who are considering how to handle their storage needs.

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