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A Hot & Steamy Review

For those of you who don’t know me in real life I do not iron. Ever. Ok well only if I’m going out somewhere nice and the clothes I plan on wearing cannot be hung and the wrinkles fall out themselves. Yep I’m that person. I don’t know whether it is coincidence or not but the majority of my clothes seem to be made to suit my laziness life. I have never understood how people can find ironing relaxing or enjoyable to the point that they want to sit down with mountains of washing and iron for hours at a time.

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So when I received an email asking if I wanted to try out the new Philips PerfectCare Aqua iron I thought maybe I’m missing something. Maybe there really is something relaxing about ironing. Or maybe it will still be as boring as I thought it was years ago. I figured I’ve got nothing to lose and this clothes iron looks like a beast of a thing! Surely it’s going to be awesome. How could it not be when it claims to be a revolutionary steam generator?

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2013-08-02 14.59.52

Lock feature for child safety and transporting

What did I think of this steam station you ask? Well I found there were both pros and cons to this steam iron. As you can see the station for this iron is quite bulky and I was a little concerned at how much room it was going to take up on the ironing board but the iron itself is light and easy to use. I am still trying to get used to the idea of leaving the iron laying face-down on the ironing board or in the station as habit and everything I’ve ever been taught says that it will burn. Amazingly it doesn’t! I do have a few favourite features that I have to share – I love that it doesn’t require adjusting of settings for different fabrics, the PerfectCare Aqua iron maintains the perfect combination of temperature and steam which allows you to swap between materials without worrying about it burning. I did try this out on a few old pieces of clothing that wouldn’t bother me if they got ruined and I’m happy to say the only thing that happened to them is that they are now completely crease free! This iron just glides over the clothes like no iron I’ve ever used before.

2013-08-02 15.00.10

Easy de-calcify feature

I must confess to playing with the steam function a bit – ok so maybe it was a lot but it is just a lot of fun. Pssshhh Pssshhh!! Now I know I said I don’t like ironing but for the sake of this review I may have gone a little overboard and even ironed my sheets. They are now perfectly smooth and crisp! I may not love ironing but I do love this iron. *I must admit my hatred for ironing may stem from only previously owning and using cheap and useless irons.

Disclaimer: I received no cash payment of any kind. I did receive the Philips PerfectCare Aqua iron for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Kaz F
    05/08/2013 / 10:01 am

    I am hankering for one of these things! I use so many cups of water in my iron as I love to steam everything. Hubby commented the other day that our current iron is crap and why didn’t I get another Philips when I wore the last one out – I iron everything! Budget had a bit to do with it, but the one I have now has already been replaced once under warranty. When I kill it, this one will be on my shopping list, even if it’s so I don’t have to fill it as often.
    One question – Does it make dark clothes shiny? Hubby is a priest so wears lots of black and I wear navy for work.

    • Mad Mummas
      05/08/2013 / 10:23 am

      Thanks for your comment Kaz. I found it did make dark clothes shiney but only while you were ironing them. After a few minutes of wearing them they lose the shine. Have a great day 🙂

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