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Banana Boat SPF 50+ Sunscreen

The warmer months are now upon us and with that means more time in the sun and higher UV alerts. We try to utilise the safer hours in the sun by going out and playing when the UV alert is lower, however this is not always possible. Kids will be kids and will take advantage of every minute they can.

Banana Boat SPF 50+ Sunscreen

I have always been fanatic about putting sunscreen on the kids, even as babies.  However I always forget about protecting myself. It is just as important for parents to protect their skin as it is for their children. Last week I had a suspicious mole removed which is now serving as a very good reminder why it is so important to not only use protection from the sun but also to have regular mole checks.

Banana Boat SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Brands make it easy for parents these days to know which sunscreens are suitable for what children and which age groups. Oh and of course their parents. Banana Boat recently offered me some samples of their SPF 50+ sunscreen lotions, sprays and roll on options. There is something about the smell of them that has always made me want to get outside and enjoy the sunlight. Or maybe it is just the old Banana Boat ad that instantly starts playing in my head!

Sunscreen Options

Just like clothing is made differently and hats come in different sizes; sunscreen also have their protection features. Each to suit a different kind of person.

Banana Boat SPF 50+ Sunscreen


This 400ml pump bottle is 4 hour water resistant and designed to be non-greasy. Made with the Australian sun in mind; your family can enjoy hours of protection in the sun with the Sport SPF 50+. Perfect for the whole family!

Banana Boat SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Kids spray

With the most advanced protection, this SPF 50+ spray bottle offers kids very high protection from the sun in a convenient sunscreen spray. It is 4 hour water resistant and as it is designed for kids; the non-greasy formula won’t run into their little eyes. The spray makes it so easy to apply to your child and is gentle on their delicate skin while remaining tough against the sun.

Banana Boat SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Kids roll on

This option is exactly the same as the Kids spray above however in a convenient roll on bottle. This makes it easy to carry and even easier for the kids to apply themselves. All the same benefits but in a handy 75ml roll on bottle!

Banana Boat SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Baby spray

I love that this sunscreen spray is SPF 50+ whilst remaining mild and gentle with no added fragrance. This allows it to be suitable for the delicate skin of a baby. Featuring the same benefits as the kids spray option; 4 hour water resistant, won’t run into eyes and a very easy to use spray, this sunscreen has babies and their parents in mind.


It is no surprise that the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the SPF 50+ Banana Boat products. They are reliable, trustworthy and convenient. For more information on the Banana Boat Kids and Baby range see here or if you would like to read more about the importance of protecting yourself from the sun.

Disclosure: I received the above products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Rebecca H
    03/12/2015 / 10:59 pm

    I really have to get the Banana Boat Roll-on for kids. That is just so convenient, straight the handbag.

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