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Vtech Toys Review – Educational and Fun

Technology in kids toys changes way too fast these days. It is a constant battle between allowing kids to use their imaginations and keeping them informed with the ever-changing way of the world.

Thankfully there are brands out there that understand this desire and design toys with a combination of elements involved. Vtech have been purchased from the shopping shelves for years because of their knowledge and willingness to adapt to the times whilst maintaining an element of old school. This is why we love Vtech!

For the past few weeks, my kids have been giving some Vtech toys a road test. I must say they arrived at the absolute perfect time because I have been so sick I can barely move from the couch, and these have kept them entertained and happy. *Thanks kids for sharing those delightful germs, next time leave them where you found them!

Vtech Toys Review

Turn & Learn Cube – RRP $29.00 – 6 to 36 months

Little hands love this cube! With something exciting, flashing or colourful on each of its 5 sides; they will never stop learning. This Turn & Learn Cube encourages discovery and exploration from a young age. The light up buttons introduce your little ones to new animals, shapes, colours and sounds.

Vtech toys review - Turn & Learn Cube | All Mum Said

The development of fine motor skills are crucial for toddlers. This is why Vtech have included manipulative features in addition to fun songs that are activated when the cube is moved. Your child will learn language development, tune those motor skills and progress into imaginative play with this conveniently sized play cube.


Play & Learn Aeroplane – RRP $20.00 – 6 to 36 months

Watch your child grow with the Play and Learn Aeroplane. It has features to help them progress in many levels of development; language, sensory and fine motor skills. Your baby or toddler will not only have fun pulling along the aeroplane but also learning music, spinning the propeller and watching the lights flash.

Vtech toys review - Play & Learn Aeroplane | All Mum Said

For the parents; the durable design also features an automatic shut off to preserve the battery life.


Kidizoom Twist Plus Camera – RRP $89.95 – 3 to 9 years

This camera is built with kids and little hands in mind! The child friendly design allows for a degree of impact when being dropped without any broken parts or functions. The Kidizoom camera makes it easy for children to change the effects and filters on the camera, which according to my kids is the funniest thing ever possible!

Vtech toys review - kidizoom camera

The features of this camera are endless which is more than likely why my all three of my kids love it so much.

Vtech toys review - kidizoom camera

Features include:

Twisting lens – makes selfies easy!

Over 50 Colour filters and effects – carnival mirror, funny faces, cartoon themes and so much more.

2.0 Megapixel camera

Video and voice recording

Photo editing

5x Built-in games

4x Digital zoom

Built-in auto flash

Vtech toys review - kidizoom camera

The batteries in this camera don’t drain like you would expect them to; the kids have been snapping like the paparazzi for a week now and the batteries are still going strong!


Kidizoom Smart Watch – RRP $89.95 – 5 to 12 years

Learning to tell the time can be tough but with the help of the Kidizoom Smart Watch, your child will have the desire to learn as fast as they can!

This smart watch is so much more than a just a watch; it has 8 amazing features in one compact band. My boys are still fighting over who gets to use this more!

Vtech toys review - kidizoom watch| All Mum Said

Features include:

Clock – analogue and digital display options. 50+ face designs.

Voice recorder & distortion – 5 fun effects to alter their voices.

Stopwatch & timer – What child doesn’t want to time everything they possibly can?!

Games – 3 built-in

Alarm – child can select to use their own voice or one of ten different alarm tones included in the watch.

Camera – YES! It is basically like a spy watch. They can take pictures and videos and add effects to alter the image.

Vtech toys review - kidizoom watch

Everything kids love all in one touch screen, watch sized piece of technology. As you can understand, it would be crazy difficult for the kids to not love these Vtech toys. They are a mix of learning, imagination and a lot of fun!

Check out Vtech on Facebook and Instagram for more amazing products.


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Disclosure: I received the above toys for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own or those of my kids.

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