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Cheap Teacher Gift Ideas and Presents – Just in Time for Christmas!

The end of the school year can bring about a lot of stress, not the least of which is determining just what to get your kids’ teachers.

You don’t want to spend too much but you want it to be a thoughtful representation of all your appreciation for the hard work they’ve put in all year. Feeling stuck? Try some of these cheap teacher gift ideas on for size!

Cheap Teacher Gift Ideas and Presents

What are the guidelines around teacher gifts?

You might now know this but there are a few restrictions in place that surround what teachers can legally accept from their students. Make sure you check for your state and territory. For example, in NSW teachers are not permitted to accept gifts (or gift vouchers) that total over $50 in value.

Make sure you don’t put them in an awkward position. Any gifts that demand that your teacher favour your child (like a ‘World’s Best Student’ picture) are going to make your teacher feel quite uncomfortable. Similarly, try not to embarrass them. A gift voucher for a lingerie store? Probably not a good idea.

The Best Cheap Teacher Gift Ideas

Ask yourself the following questions first:

• Is this something anyone, particularly this individual teacher, would want? Does this reflect what you know about them?
• Is this a mug? They probably have a lot of mugs.
• Is this a candle? They’re probably going to get a million of them.
• Is this bath products? DITTO. (Although bath bombs are fantastic, just maybe not a bar of Imperial Leather.)
• Is this something you just found in your cupboard and randomly wrapped up? Make sure you wrap it well and take the old card off first!

Think about what this wonderful person, who has given their all for your child, could use or enjoy. Great gifts don’t have to cost the earth but they should have meaning.

flowers and thank you card - Teacher Gift Ideas and Presents

Gift Ideas for Teachers

Try these on for size!

• Wine. All the wine. Nothing sparks appreciation more than a nice fresh glass of Semi-Sav (or their drop of choice).
• Cinema vouchers that they could use with their partner or friend. They can relax and put their feet up (not literally, gross) on you.
• Something to pamper them with like a great set of shampoo and conditioner or some awesome bath bombs.
• Some great classroom resources like books, stationery or a new diary. Teachers pay for all their office supplies so it’ll be a nice way to save them a few pennies down the line.
• Personalised gifts like tote bags. There are some cool options available. Shop around and see what you can find but make sure you leave ample time for postage.
• Funny gifts like a stress ball, wine glasses (because of your children) or a novelty toy might give them a good giggle.
• Beach towels, thongs or a kaftan to encourage some summer relaxation.
• Chocolates are always good but keep in mind that this is a go-to for many families so they may be drowning in Cadbury Favourites already.

The Gift of Giving

Ultimately, it’s not about the gift itself. It’s the thought put into it. The cheapest gift could ultimately have the most meaning if framed in the right light.

Your teacher has done so much for your family. One thing that they’ve focused on has been social skills – find out more here on how you can enhance their good work in your home.


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  1. 19/11/2018 / 7:23 am

    Fortunately class co-ordinator gets cash and does a BIG class gift. I occasionally get a bottle of wine for the teacher too if they’re gone way over and above.

  2. 19/11/2018 / 8:23 am

    I liked this but I have a thing about giving alcohol. That’s because I don’t drink it so it is wasted on me. I personally loved getting a card of appreciation and if there were some homemade goodies to eat, that was awesome. So good you wrote about the limit in NSW Dept of Education schools . Great post!

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