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Christmas Gift Guide for Girls (ages 6-12)

This is an age group I haven’t yet had to purchase for where girls are concerned as my girls are 4 and under. However, there are so many things available for them. I have shared all my favourites (and those of the girls I know) in this Christmas gift guide for girls.

Christmas Gift Guide for Girls (ages 6-12)


Christmas Gift Guide for Girls

Gifts Under $20 

smiggle accessories | kids sunglasses

Smiggle Accessories – Prices start at $5.95

Smiggle accessories are at the top of wish lists this year. Everything from unicorn bath bombs and sparkly bow alphabet keyrings to watches and sunglasses.

  • Unicorn Bath Fizzy $5.95 – The strawberry scented unicorn bath fizzy is perfect for adding a little magic to bathtime.
  • Bow Alphabet Keyrings $9.95 – The alphabet keyrings will be a huge hit for school bags and handbags.
  • Smiggle Sunglasses $24.95 – The Smiggle sunglasses are fantastic quality and come in a variety of colours and styles.

Christmas gift guide for girls

Barbie – Prices start at $10.00

You cannot beat Barbie. I think at one point in our lives we have all had one and I’m sure for generations to come little girls will still ask for them. I love that Barbie is affordable and you can get them almost everywhere.

TLC Kritters collectibles


TLC Kritters – RRP $18.00

Waiting for their forever home, these baby animals need some tender loving care. If your child loves surprises, they’ll love the TLC Kritters. What animal will they find? Is it a boy or girl? All TLC Kritters have a little nappy with a colour change icon that reveals poos or wees when placed in cold water!

There are kitties, puppies, bears and bunnies to collect and each TLC Kritter baby animal comes with an incubator, dissolving envelope to reveal their gender and adoption sheet, a nappy, bow or bib, baby bottle or medicine dropper, dummy and collector sheet.

Available from: Kmart.

Gifts Under $50

unboxing Smooshy Mushy Baby

Smooshy Mushy Baby – RRP $24.00

Smooshy Mushy Baby are the newest, cutest, and definitely the squooshiest little baby collectibles! Each Smooshy Mushy Baby comes in a giant baby bottle along with a Baby Smooshy, a bestie, collector poster and their own tiny bottle. With the collectibles and unboxing being so popular at the moment, these are perfect. There are six different babies to collect.

Available from: Kmart

Zuru Rainbocorns unboxing

Zuru Rainbocorns – $34.99

Rainbocorns are born from sugar, spice and everything magically nice. They hatch from their colourful rainbow eggs to be your new sparkly and sassy best friend.

Available from: K-Mart, Big W and Target.

Gifts Under $100

total girl magazine subscription - gift guide for girls

Magazine subscription – $59.00 for 12 months

Girls love catching up on the latest fashion, celebrities, music and posters. They will learn how to do new hairstyles, glam tips and read up on funny reader stories.

CPK 35th Birthday Lots of Licks Kid

Cabbage Patch Kids 35th Birthday Lots of Licks Kid – RRP $79

Cabbage Patch Kids turn 35!! To celebrate, the new CPK Lots of Licks Kid comes with a very special love heart lollipop that allows children to interact with the CPK Lots-of-Licks Adoptimal Pets (sold separately). These adorable 14-inch Cabbage Patch Kids come in a variety of ethnicities, hair colours and eye colours – so you can match their style to your child!

Available from: Big W, Myer and Target.com.au

Gifts Over $100

nintendo switch gaming console

Nintendo Switch – RRP $399.99

The Nintendo Switch gaming console is perfect for playing at home with family or playing on the go. There are tonnes of features and games to suit every interest.

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