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Clumsy, Fearless & In Need Of Cool XChange Compression Bandage

Every parent will tell you kids have no fear. They jump first think later. This is such a great trait to have… sometimes. Other times not so much.

This fearless behaviour can unfortunately end in aches, pains and sprains (if not broken bones). While we have been fortunate that no bones have been broken, touch wood, we have had our fair share of sprains and jarred ankles. This is particularly true for my 4 year-old who has discovered a love for swing set gymnastics.

Sore ankle with cool xchange compression bandage

And down she goes

Let’s be real. All that flipping, spinning and jumping, it was only a matter of time before an injury happened. And it did. That wail when you know your child has really hurt them self. That scream that sends you racing faster than you knew you could.

Thankfully it was only a sprained ankle but the pain was very real for my little girl. The swelling started almost immediately and normally I’d go straight for the icepack but after spraining my wrist a couple of weeks ago (I am very accident prone) I knew that the Cool XChange compression bandage would work a treat. In fact, I used the same piece of gel bandage that I used on my wrist. YAY for reusable products!

cool xchange compression bandage out of packet


Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevate.

This is just one of the reasons I love the Cool XChange gel bandage so much. It is a bandage that cools and compresses. Better yet, it is ready to go with no refrigeration required. The simplicity of the cooling compression bandage is hard not to love.

Being so easy to use and knowing the bandages really work, I knew that strapping her ankle and sitting her down to relax would help to relieve her pain and minimise swelling. For those thinking that the gel would leave sticky residue on the couch, despite appearances, it isn’t actually sticky or slimy!

See here for more about Cool XChange and how it works.

Every house should have at least one Cool XChange compression bandage on hand in their first-aid kit. They are affordable and they work!

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CoolXChange gel bandages

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