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3 Education Options for Stay At Home Mums in South Australia

Being a stay-at-home mum is an experience like no other, yet there are those who fail to recognise and respect its joys. Encountering these haters should be no surprise to anyone who’s spent time online, but their negativity and doubt may come as quite a shock. Being exposed to other people’s prejudices and misconceptions about parenthood can make it feel harder to reinvigorate an academic career that you put on hold to raise a kid.

Fortunately, you don’t have to listen to the naysayers or settle for seeing your dreams of scholastic attainment go unachieved. Stay at home mums in South Australia have plenty of excellent options for re-entering the education scene. Thanks to life in the Internet Age, you can even get your learning done without ever having to set foot on campus. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

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1. Begin External Education

External, or distance, education takes many forms, including everything from online lessons to workshops and camps. Some mums might already be familiar with the concept if they homeschool their children, but it’s not just for kids — People with family commitments commonly find it an excellent option for getting back to the books. What’s more, South Australia’s Open Access College offers a number of resources and counselling programmes that may make it easier to chart a workable course toward your South Australia Certificate of Education, or SACE.

2. Turn Over a New Leaf With TAFE

Technical and further education, or TAFE, is a good way to break into a new career field. Pursuing TAFE courses in South Australia may prove particularly helpful if you’re trying to get educated not only for the sake of personal knowledge but also in the pursuit of career betterment — Adding more credentials to your resume is never a bad idea if you want to enhance your professional prospects.

Saving Time

TAFE courses are specifically designed to help graduates get ready to work, so they offer a cheaper way to hit the books than attending normal uni does. Since they’re more career-oriented than the majority of regular classes, enrolling selectively could also help you make the most of your limited time.

Spending Less to Get Educated

When choosing your TAFE courses, remember that not all learning institutions are approved Commonwealth supported places, also known as CSPs. If you want to receive a HECS-HELP contribution to reduce your tuition costs under the Higher Education Contribution Scheme, then you’ll need to ensure that your university is a CSP and enrol by the census date.

HECS-HELP only pays part of your fees, but you won’t be billed for it later. If you don’t mind taking out a loan that you’ll have to repay, you can use FEE-HELP to cover all of your fees.

3. Continue Your Tertiary Education

Has an unfinished traditional degree been bothering you ever since you left school to become a parent? You’re not alone — Some research suggests that around one-third of uni students who started in 2009 hadn’t completed their degrees six years later.

Making the Mental Adjustment Might Be Easier Than You Think

Enrolling in uni as an adult demands better time-management skills than most students possess when they begin classes right after year 12. In other words, you’re starting off ahead of the game.

Although you might initially feel annoyed by having to deal with younger kids who only want to party or fail to show up for group work, there’s something positive to be said for being the most mature one in your courses. For instance, after juggling your kids’ GP appointments, weekly household budgets and a million other responsibilities, you probably won’t break a sweat at the prospect of term papers, projects or self-study. Many adults who return to school also find it easier to concentrate because they’re not quite as distracted by the novelty.

Paying for Uni

As with TAFE courses, you can apply for aid programmes such as HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP, but you might also benefit from other forms of assistance. For instance, although many students only think of SA-HELP as a means to reduce their meal costs, it can also cover the child care, finance advisement and career counselling that you receive on campus.

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Stay at home mums in South Australia – Nothing Can Hold You Back!

Are you hooked on the idea of going back to school or blazing a new career trail as a stay-at-home mother? Always keep a positive attitude — You may have taken an educational detour, but it could ultimately prove to be a far richer journey.

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