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How To Reduce Headache In Children

How To Reduce Headache In Children

Don’t freak out at the first sign of a headache in children, read this, there are plenty of things you can do to reduce their pain.

No parent wants to see their infant or child suffering from headaches and sometimes they need more than a cuddle to make it better. Consider the following to help ease their discomfort.

How To Reduce Headache In Children | All Mum Said

Remedies to reduce headaches

While you want to do everything you can to make your child’s aches go away instantly, sometimes you have to wait just for medicines and methods to take effect.

Reduce sugar intake – we have all heard the stories about how addictive sugar is, well unfortunately it is true. Too much or too little amount of sugar, especially if your child is regularly eating/drinking it, can cause severe headaches. Slowly reduce the amount to a healthy level to avoid future withdrawals and overindulges.

Rest – Lack of sleep is a common cause for headaches. Your child should be regularly getting sufficient rest to minimise this tiredness. A damp washer or towel placed over their forehead will also help to relieve their pain.

Drink water – Dehydration, no matter how mild will cause headaches. Not just in children but adults as well. Ensure your child is drinking sufficient water throughout the day, particularly in the warmer months!

Exercise – Regular exercise does amazing things for the body by reducing stress, improving moods and helping to maintain a healthy weight. All of these factors contribute to headaches.

Tech free time – Get your children away from the screens, Tv’s, iPads, etc. When they are staring at these devices for long periods of time their brains become overstimulated and result in headaches. Monitor and reduce the time with technology.

Medicine – Whether you opt for a natural supplement or Nurofen to help ease headache in children, they will generally begin to improve within 15 minutes. If their pain persists, please seek the advice of your doctor.

Headache In Children | All Mum Said

Unfortunately not all headaches can be relieved easily; this is when there is probably another underlying cause. Your medical professional will be able to advise if your child has an ear infection, viral infection or another cause entirely. For more information on headaches in infants, children and teenagers click the link.

Parents want to relieve a headache in children as efficiently as possible which is why you should bookmark this page for future reference!

How do you reduce headache in children? Tell me below!

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