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Things To Consider Before Installing a Solar Power System

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Solar Power System

Solar power is no longer a new concept, yet for some reason there is still a lot of hesitation around taking it on as an alternate energy source. A lot of this can be due to misinformation and people not willing to look further. In reality, though, investing in solar is no different to any other lifestyle investment, and can be undertaken by anyone who is willing to do their homework. If you think this is the approach for you, then below are the important factors you do need to consider before installing a solar power system.

Price wars

Although investing in solar energy is a lot more affordable than it was a few years ago, you still have to consider your budget when taking it on. Firstly, look at what you can afford now; for example, can you make an up-front payment? If not, taking on a payment plan could be a more realistic solution. Most solar companies such as Absolute Energy Solutions are fairly flexible with consumers, as they want you to make the move to this renewable resource. Do your research and don’t hesitate to take along a note book of questions when you speak to a provider. Also, know your objectives for investing in solar, and how much energy you consume. Because as you will see below, the more energy you need, the more panels you will have to purchase.

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Big or small

When it comes to solar panels, size definitely matters, as the proportions of your product will dictate their overall energy output. The best way to determine what size or how many panels you’ll need is to look at what your current electricity requirements are — make sure you’re being as energy efficient as possible first, though. From here it is fairly straightforward; if you need a lot of energy, you are going to have to invest in a larger system. But vice versa; just because you have an enormous area of roof space does not mean you have to cover the entire thing, especially if this energy isn’t going to be used. It will just end up costing you more to buy and install.

Location, location

When installing solar panels, it’s all about the location. Firstly, you need to think about what area of your roof attracts the most direct sunlight for the largest portion of the day. Although solar panels will still absorb sunshine even when it’s not hitting the mark, direct sunlight will really maximise your solar energy output. For the southern hemisphere this is usually a north-facing orientation. Of course, solar panels don’t have to be installed on the roof; however, this is usually the most convenient, unused space. If you do go ahead with the roof though, make sure it’s stable enough to support your solar panels, and depending on the roof’s angle, you may have to tilt the frames.

These factors are all important, but at the end of the day, the biggest one is what investing in solar will actually mean for you and your home—it should not just be about following a trend, but rather be about lower electricity bills and helping to reduce your environmental impact.

Where do your biggest concerns lie in regards to solar? Tell me below!

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