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Educational Activities To Do With Kids While Stuck At Home

We are currently facing a situation that has absolutely no precedent. Flung into a world of social isolation and distancing, many of us parents are now faced with the reality of attempting to educate our children at home.

When looking for educational things to do with kids while stuck at home, we need to give a HUGE round of applause to our educators. They are working tirelessly to ensure that there is an adapted curriculum available for our children (and us) to work through online.

In the interim, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for great activities to do with kids that will be able to supplement the excellent resources that schools are making for our children. It’s important to note that we should not feel the compulsion to completely home school our children – it’s alright to juggle a mix of work and play. It’s alright to give ourselves a break – this is a whole new world that we’re trying to navigate and it’s alright if we can’t COMPLETELY get everything right. Sometimes good enough is great – go easy on yourself and don’t beat yourself up if you’re not king (or queen) of the classroom from day one.

Educational things to do with kids while stuck at home? There is more available than you might think!

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Apps for Kids

Online Schooling and Classes for Kids

We have a whole article full of resources – fun and free maths online for kids. You can also check in with your state government’s education page to see if they have uploaded a subject-based curriculum ready for download. If you can’t access yours, you could try the Queensland version of it right here. This provides you with two weeks’ worth of learning. You will need to download a variety of resources and worksheets so make sure you have access to a printer (or that there’s one close by that you can use).

A variety of businesses are making online learning available for kids who are stuck at home. You can do ballet, PE lessons or even learn science concepts all from the comfort and safety of your home. A great tip from us is to ask in your local Facebook group for any recommendations – we’re all in this together and everyone is generally happy to help you come up with some great ideas.

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Yoga and Meditation to Stem the Crazy

YouTube is absolutely bursting at the seams with yoga classes and calm meditations for kids to follow along with. If you’re looking for something that is screen free you could investigate the Calm app. If you don’t want to pay a subscription (as we’re all scrimping and saving at the moment) you’ll be able to find something similar that comes at no cost.

Yoga and meditation are great ways to calm kids down and to get them to gently exercise now that playgrounds are shut down. It will get them in touch with themselves and channel some of that pent up energy into something peaceful and positive.

Educational Games for Kids

Have you raided the games section of your local supplier yet? A lot of us are now reliant on home delivery so if you haven’t gone out to strip the shelves you will be able to buy online.

Here are some great places you can purchase from! This list is by no means exhaustive but it is a great place to start.




Educational Experience

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Numeracy and Literacy around the house

There are a number of great ways that you can encourage numeracy and literacy around the home without having to spend a cent. Counting and organising are great ways to promote cognitive development in little minds and they don’t take a lot of effort on your part.

There’s a trend that’s just beginning on Instagram if you follow the hashtag #shapehunt. Children are encouraged to choose a shape and run around the house taking photographs of those particular shapes. They can then cut the photographs together and produce a little episode of their own.

House Maps for Spatial Awareness

Looking for another cute activity? Ask your children to produce a map of the home from a birds-eye view. Ask them to introduce shapes to go along with furniture and label things that are used. This should take QUITE some time and you will most likely be impressed with the results of their labour.

You can then ask your children to record measurements between rooms in steps. It might be ’12 steps’ between the bathroom and the master bedroom or ’58 steps’ to walk the perimeter of the garden. This is a great activity that both takes up a significant amount of time (letting you have a little break) and it improves spatial awareness and understanding. Mapping activities are a FAVOURITE around this house and hopefully, it’s something that you can replicate as well.

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Baking and Measuring for Learning on the Go

Finally, cooking is a great way to introduce concepts like measuring, timing and literacy into your home. Getting little chefs busy in the kitchen is a great bonding activity and one that is definitely not without educational merits.

Educational things for kids to do with you’re stuck at home

Do you have any suggestions? We’d love to hear them! Feel free to let loose in the comments and share your knowledge.


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