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Laser 4-in-1 Bluetooth speaker with Wireless Charging Review

Gone are the days of bulk cords to run your alarm, to charge your phones, iPad, etc. Thanks to wireless charging this is no longer necessary. All hail Qi wireless charging.

Now, one would assume this clock radio would be found on the bedside table… and yes, that would make sense. However, I have opted to use it in my office and kitchen instead because I like the idea of reducing the amount of clutter and cords in there while being able to listen to music and charge my devices while I work. I have also been known to take it into the bathroom so I can listen to audiobooks via Bluetooth while I soak in the bath and enjoy some me-time. To find out more, continue reading this Laser 4-in-1 Digital Alarm Clock Radio review.

Laser 4-in-1 Clock Radio review

Clock radios have a stigma of being notoriously ugly and old school however this little beauty is sleek and modern. Available in two colours, grey and red, the Laser 4-in-1 Bluetooth speaker will suit the décor of almost any room.

Without the mess of cords and charging cables, this provides a streamline appearance without compromising on sound quality and effectiveness.
Dimensions: 21 cm x 12.50cm x 8.50cm

Key Features

There are several features that make the Laser 4-in-1 Bluetooth speaker stand out. They include:
• Built-in rechargeable 2000mAh Li Battery
• FM radio
• Micro SD
• Aux in
• Alarm clock
• Bluetooth 5.0
• Digital Display
• Qi Wireless Charging (5W)
• Built-in stereo speaker
• Dual alarms with a large snooze button
• Working time is approx. 8 hours with a charge time of approx. 3 hours

Laser 4-in-1 Bluetooth speaker review

Things we liked

• Being portable, it is easy to move from room to room
• Qi Wireless charging provides hassle free charging
• Sleek and modern appearance
• Having multiple options to play music (Bluetooth, USB, Aux in, Micro SD)

Things we didn’t like

• Wireless charging takes quite a while as it is only charging at 5W. If you aren’t in a rush for your device to charge than it isn’t a big deal.

Laser 4-in-1 Bluetooth speaker

The Laser 4-in-1 digital alarm clock radio is available now from Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and Laser.co. RRP $129.95.

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AMS was gifted the above product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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