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Imaginative Play – Melissa & Doug Sandwich Making Set

Imaginative play is encouraged in children from the moment they are old enough to play. For most kids this is something that comes naturally. For others, they sometimes need a little encouragement. This is where the assistance of toys come in.

Last month I wrote an article about the benefits of pretend play for pre-schoolers and toddlers (check it out and share it if you haven’t already!); today I am going to review one of the items I mentioned in that post and let you know why it is a favourite.

Melissa & Doug Sandwich Making Set | Imaginative play | All Mum Said

Melissa & Doug Sandwich Making Set

Prior to having children, both my husband and I were chefs. Obviously this means there is a passion for food in our home that our kids pick up on. We expect in no way that they follow our footsteps or even share this culinary interest; however like most kids, at some point they have all expressed a desire to learn and incorporate food into everyday play. This is when products like the MELISSA & DOUG Sandwich Making Set come in handy.

Melissa & Doug Sandwich Making Set | Imaginative play | All Mum Said

Obviously we do not want to be making real sandwiches, picnics and snacks every minute of the day. Not only would that be time consuming but it would result in an extremely costly hobby as well. The sandwich making kit allows children to create their picnic lunch with their favourite ingredients, without any mess or fuss. With the choice of bread or burger buns, they can begin their food creations. Adding lettuce, tomato, cheese, capsicum, meat patty, etc. they learn about not just the order ingredients are placed but also about the individual food items as well.

pretend play for preschoolers | All Mum Said

The sandwich making kit is a 17 piece wooden set that includes 16 sliceable pieces and a wooden knife. The pieces velcro together which not only holds your child’s sandwich in one piece but also adds a ‘crunch’ sound when cut with the knife. Mimicking real life lunch! Just in case you are concerned about how to store the pieces when not in play; the sandwich making set comes with a wooden serving tray that makes the perfect organisation box for sandwich pieces when not in use.

Melissa & Doug Sandwich Making Set | Imaginative play | All Mum Said

Poppet (Miss 2) is a food fanatic and loves nothing more than getting out her Melissa & Doug sandwich making kit. She will continually make ‘lunch’, eat it, make it again, feed it to someone else and the process just repeats. In the past few weeks, this kit has undergone an extreme taste test and is still in perfect condition. As I have come to expect from Melissa & Doug products; they are built to last! You can find the mentioned sandwich making kit here at child.com.au.

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Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own or those of my kids.

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  1. 25/09/2015 / 9:02 pm

    Oh this is AWESOME. I loved making pretend sandwiches when I was younger and I’ve been looking for one for bub for a while. This one is perfect because we love wooden toys.

    • 28/09/2015 / 3:17 pm

      Poppet has always had an interest in picnics and the like so figured it made sense to get her a sandwich kit. We weren’t wrong! She loves it. Only problem is now we spend hours eating wooden bread. haha

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