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12 Tips For Turning A Couples Bathroom into a Kids Bathroom

You’ve got your first baby on the way, and your to-do list is as long as your arm: paint the nursery, buy the baby furniture, and renovate and refresh the bathroom. You’ve got to fit in as much as you can before baby arrives, right? But before you get all excited about renovating your bathroom, remember, this time you need to renovate with kids in mind. Your bathroom will no longer be a couples bathroom but a kids bathroom!

But what’s the difference, you ask? There are key design points in a bathroom for kids that’ll have you thanking your past self for being so forward thinking!

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modern bathroom with plant

Design Tips for a Practical Kids Bathroom

Bath design

When it comes to creating a bathroom that suits a family, bath design is high on the list because if you get it wrong, you’ll be in pain, literally.

Sitting on uncomfortable ridges and bending over to bath your baby takes the enjoyment out of the moment. When selecting a bathtub, look for those with soft and wide edges.  Installing a step beside the bath will also make it easier for children to get out of the bath and you can use it as a seat.

There’s the physical pain of having the wrong bath, and then there’s the emotional pain. If you have your heart set on a beautiful clawfoot bath because they’re bang on trend, consider the cleaning aspect; make sure it’s high enough so you can easily clean underneath. One thing with kids bathrooms is that you’ll SERIOUSLY need to up your cleaning game.

Lastly, if you have limited space in your bathroom, consider a shower-over-bath setup because it’s so much easier with kids.

Design ideas for a Practical Kids Bathroom

If House Rules have taught us anything – you can have fun with textures and styles.

Low cabinetry

There will come a time when your kids will be able to brush their teeth themselves, but in doing so, you also want them to be able to access their own toothbrush! For the items you want to keep out of reach of children, opt for a wall mounted cabinet.

Low mirror

Once your child is old enough to brush their own teeth, they’ll want to watch themselves in a mirror. One word of warning though, be prepared to clean a lot of toothpaste off said mirror.


When you go from a couples bathroom to kids bathroom, your storage needs will double. You’ll have bath toys to store, kids shampoo, creams, brushes and toothbrushes. When refreshing your bathroom, opt for deep, waterproof drawers to store bath toys. Soft-close cabinetry is handy for preventing little fingers getting jammed.

Non-slip floors

When you have kids, the bathroom floor can quickly turn into a flooded mess. Water is poured out of the bath and children run out of the shower dripping wet. To reduce the risk of slips and falls, opt for non-slip surfaces instead of a polished style floor.


With a new baby and later when they are older, you’ll need space in your bathroom to move around whether it’s watching your children, drying them or tantrum taming! Oh, and we can’t forget, you’ll want space to put baby in their portacot or baby swing so you can have a relaxing and much-deserved shower for five minutes!

Black and white bathroom - subway tiles and lighted mirror

The round mirror softens the harsh lines of the subway tiles. Pretty and practical!

Shower without a door

Kids often have no sense of danger and will happily bang on shower screen glass and slam the shower door. You can tell your kids several times not to do it, but in typical kid style, they will continue to do so. To take your stress levels down a notch, select a shower with no moving parts, just a fixed screen.

Bath size

So, how many kids are you planning to have? No pressure, but you’ll have to think about this when considering the size of the bath you purchase. If three or more kids sounds ideal, remember that they’ll want to bath together. In addition to the bath size, ensure the bath plug is flat and the bath spout can be swivelled to the side to avoid injury while the kids slip and slide about in the bath.

Tap safety

Toddlers in particular love doing everything themselves, including turning on the tap. Unfortunately, this can lead to unnecessary scolding. Keep determined toddlers safe by having your plumber install an anti-scald device.

Soft toilet button

Some toilets have really rigid buttons making it very hard for little toddler fingers to push them down. When toilet training a toddler, flushing afterwards is one of the things they most look forward to doing, so it’s important to make it easy for them and will save you walking in on a floating surprise!

Exhaust fan

Not only will an exhaust fan help control moisture in your bathroom, but it’ll also be your saviour for those smelly toilet training situations.

Highgrove bathroom display

Reno shows like House Rules has us inspired to mix and match!

Bathroom light switch

As your child grows and is toilet trained, the last thing you want to be doing is getting up each time they call out, “Mummy, can you turn the bathroom light on?” Get your electrician to install the switch at a lower level for little ones.

Toilet mishaps, bath time floaties, mummy’s makeup testing and mini-floods – yep, some things are inevitable in a bathroom when you have kids! But by taking the design of a kids bathroom into consideration before you begin renovating, you can make the space work best for your growing family.

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