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Meal Plan Week 35 – 2014

Today I am sharing Meal Plan Week 35 – 2014 with you and I realise I have taken a massive break in sharing them. With the blog re-brand the meal plans got put on the back burner a little bit. They are however back to stay and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. So what’s on the menu this week you ask? Scroll down a little and you will see.

Meal Plan Week 35 – 2014

Meal Plan Week 35 – 2014

Week commencing (25/08/2014)

Monday: Honey soy chicken kebabs with curry pasta and vegetables.

Tuesday: Baked beans, sausages and cheese pasta bake.

Wednesday: Home-made chunky steak pie and vegetables.

Thursday: Calamari, chilli and dill pasta.

Friday: Baked fish and zucchini slice.

Saturday: Tuna bake.

Sunday: Curried sausages and rice.

 My aim is to help inspire you to keep your menu exciting and add something a little different each week. I hope you found at least one meal  you can try that alters your usual meals. Keep an eye out for some delicious recipes coming up soon and if you have a special recipe request please don’t hesitate in asking.

What do you think this weeks menu? What is on yours?

Check back each week for the meal plan.

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  1. Kerry mcgugan
    25/08/2014 / 11:42 am

    My daughter loves loves loves tuna bake , lucky for me its not complicated to make : its on our menu at least twice a week !!!!

    • 01/09/2014 / 11:09 pm

      Wow! She must really love it. haha. It is a filler in our house when we need something quick but the kids absolutely love it!! Thanks for taking the time to comment Kerry. xx

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