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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Father’s day is making its way back around again (seriously where has this year gone?) and sometimes a little inspiration for dads gifts can not come quick enough. Every dad is different which means the standard socks and jocks or #1 Dad key ring / mug won’t be every dads cup of tea so you may be in search of something a little unique and more to his tastes. In the Father’s Day gift guide 2014 below you will find a range of products in a variety of price ranges that will have your dad, husband and/or grandpa jumping out of his seat (maybe help grandpa up so he doesn’t get hurt).

Father's day gift guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Under $20

Father's Day gift guide 2014

Pelican Clip

Perfect for the dad who wants his keys to be organised and loves a minimalist approach. The Pelican Clip is available in solid steel or brass making it solid, reliable and yet maintain a stylish and sleek appearance. Being only just larger than a standard key it is easy to manoeuvre with one hand and can securely clip to pockets, belt loops, etc. thanks to it’s genius design. RRP Steel: $11 ~ Brass: $16 (USD) from H.L.Human.

father's day gift guide 2014

Mr Men Mugs

Is your dad/grandpa a coffee or tea lover? Well needless to say he will need a Mr Men Mug. If he is grumpy, strong, clumsy, lazy or messy? There is a mug for him! RRP $14.90 from Yellow Octopus.

father's day gift guide 2014

P-7 Suspension Clip

This handy clip safely and securely attaches your every day carry items without fear of them being lost or damaged. At only 4cm this is a simple design that is effective in use. RRP $12.00 (twin pack $20.00) from Tec Accessories.  

$20 – $50

father's day gift guide 2014Centipede Ruler

What dad wouldn’t want 8cm of effortless measuring titanium that he carry everywhere on his keys? You never know when he will need to measure something and if he doesn’t have one of these bad boys his guess work could calculate it wrong. The Centipede RRP $21.00 from Tec Accessories.

father's day gift guide 2014

TEC-S3 Glow Fob

The Glow Fob is perfect for every dad whether he is the adventure man, camper, office worker, policeman, etc. It glows, it’s fun, it’s unique ~ what else needs to be said? It glows for up to 12 hours and charges on sunlight in addition to the stainless steel housing giving it a sleek appearance. RRP $18 (aluminium), $23 (stainless steel – as seen in pic) and $36 (titanium) from Tec Accessories.

 father's day gift guide 2014


If your dad is the active dad who loves listening to music while keeping fit than these Yurbuds will be the perfect present. Developed by athletes these sport earphones will never hurt, never fall out and are sweat and water resistant. Available from Harvey Norman and Myer, or online from yurbuds.com.au for $45.00.

father's day gift guide 2014


This metric gadget will have dad grinning from ear to ear. It has so many handy features in one small contraption. Features include: 6 wrench cut-outs 16mm, 14mm, 13mm, 12mm, 10mm & 8mm, a bottle opener mouth, 2cm ruler for quick reference, a standard flat point tip for screwing/prying and a 1/4″ hole for allens/hex/drivers. What more could dad want? This is available from Pocket Tool Works for $45.00 USD.


Lightning Auto Care

Car loving dad? This car care pack will have him and his car gleaming. Featuring: 250ml Brite Lightning Metal Polish keeps your chrome and metal in perfect condition, a 500ml Tuff cleaner and degreaser for fabric, carpet, vinyl and upholstery. The 500ml Leather Life Rejuvenating Oil is ideal for restoring old, dried or cracked leather and a 500gm Jell Hand Cleaner with lanolin is perfect for general grease, oil and paint. To keeps his skin protected before and after working in the work shop he will also need a 125ml Barrier Cream. RRP $50.00 from www.lightningcleans.com.au.

$50 – $100

tap king

Tap King

Do you have a beer connoisseur dad? Or maybe he just likes a nice cold one after mowing the lawn? The Tap King is for him. You can purchase the dispenser unit and refills so you he can change it up, try new beers or just have some as back up. Please drink responsibly! RRP Dispenser $32.99 and the refills start from $18.99. These can be purchased here.


Bolt Pen

Calling stationary addict dads and grandpas! This is a machined bolt-actioned pen that features a stainless steel clip and hardware. Designed to be fun this bolt pen is extremely durable and machined from solid copper, not to mention it looks awesome!! RRP $105 from Karas Kustoms.

Dog Tag Comb Necklace

This gorgeous antique bronze dog tag comb necklace is perfect for the bearded dad that likes to keep himself groomed and stylish. The comb is practical, great quality and is built to last while maintaining a sleek appearance. It can be purchased from Beard Buddy for RRP $110.00.

I hope you found something exciting for your dad above. What was your favourite?

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