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Olympic Inspired Activities To Do With Kids

The Olympics are definitely great for kick-starting your motivation and inspiration. Take advantage of the Olympic fever in your household and use it as a chance for your family to spend more time together (away from the TV, of course!). Stumped for ideas? Use these Olympic inspired activities as inspiration to get your friends and family together for an afternoon of fun.

Olympic Inspired Activities To Do With Kids

Backyard Olympics

If your kids are bored over the weekend, why not suggest an Olympics inspired play date with friends? Simple access to hula-hoops, basketballs, or even the backyard pool can host a fun backyard Olympics which will have the little ones motivated to stay active. If you have enough numbers, form teams and formulate relay races, rewarding the winning team with their choice of prize – perfect for some competitive edge!

Olympic Inspired Activities To Do With Kids | basketball hoop

Olympics arts and crafts

The Olympics doesn’t just have to inspire physical exertion – they can allow the whole family to experiment with the symbolism and meaning of this international event.

Print out stencils of the mascots and Olympic rings.  The whole family can create an Olympics pin board after they’ve coloured in their artworks. If you appreciate a little bit of originality, you can create an Olympic rings decoration with white paper plates that can be painted and stapled in order. You can then use a hole punch to draw a string through the first and last plates – which is ideal for hanging in the children’s bedrooms. Olympic Inspired Activities To Do With Kids | Olympic rings

Park and Beach Fun

Take advantage of beautiful sunny days by taking a mid-morning trip to your local park or beach. Many of these places have nets set up which can inspire a fun came of volleyball or soccer. If you’re lucky enough to embrace the sunny sand, place a row of hula-hoops in a straight line after sinking them vertically into the sand and you have created a fantastic set of hurdles! Or, if you’re an avid bike riding family, the beautiful scenic routes are a perfect way to feel as though you’re competing for the gold medal!

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Olympic Inspired Activities To Do With Kids | beach volleyball

Get involved in the Olympics spirit by recruiting the family and exploring some of these Olympic inspired activities, which will offer the potential for fun, fitness and perfect weekend memories for the kids. The Olympics are a great excuse to try new activities at various venues, which can provide ongoing motivation to keep you and your family moving during your daily lives.

What are your favourite Olympic inspired activities?

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