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Spin To Sing | Let Your Musical Talent Be Known

Think you can sing? Let your family and friends be the judge of that. Spin To Sing is inspired by a love of selfies and music contests. Do you have what it takes to win?

SelfieMic Spin to sing

The kids and I love getting the board games out and we aren’t ones to shy away from trying out the newest games to hit the market. While we don’t have an official games night, we do try and play regularly.

With the newest edition of Worlds Apart Spin To Sing being released, Childsmart got in touch to see if the kids were interested in trying it. The fact that it combines technology, board games and music had them interested.

SelfieMic Spin to sing set up

Spin it, sing it, win it!

Once we downloaded the free Spin to Sing app and set up the playlists on my phone, we were good to go.

As you spin the mic, it determines who gets to sing and what song. Think of it as a family run Australia’s Got Talent or The Voice. Once you have sung your heart out and the Spin To Sing has filmed you every step of the way, the other players then get to score your performance. You can even download the ‘best bits’ of your performance to enjoy later!

SelfieMic Spin to sing

There are jeopardy cards in this edition to add a bit more excitement and silliness to the game. You and your family will be laughing just as much as you are singing!

Superstar in the house

The Spin to Sing would be perfect for games loving families that are looking for an activity a little ‘outside of the box’ but that still brings the family together. When kids are having sleepovers, this is a great activity that will have them giggling and having fun!

SelfieMic Jeopardy cards

Spin to Sing is available now from Toys R Us.

Have you tried the Spin To Sing before? What did you think?

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