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Sleep Tips for Kids + Giveaway

“My kid sleeps through every night without fail and go straight to sleep at bedtime!” That’s great news for you, Karen. What about the rest of us parents?

Some kids struggle at bedtime. Consequently, this means that parents do too. But there are some things you can do to make this struggle easier. Before you give up, check out these great sleep tips for kids!

red haired boy sleeping - sleep tips for kids

How to sleep better – tips for children

There are a number of factors that can prevent children from having a good night’s sleep and some can even be easily implemented. They included:

  • Bedtime routine: Routine people!! Find a bedtime routine that works for your family and stick to it. Remember when your child was a baby and you relied on it for them to settle easily? Well, it’s exactly the same! This could be as simple as dinner, shower/bath time, play, read a book and then bed.
  • Remove stimulants and technology: Say no to sugar, tea and other caffeinated drinks in the afternoon. Technology should cease use at least one hour before bedtime.
  • Diet and exercise: A healthy diet, not eating large amounts of food right before bed and getting sufficient exercise and spending time in the sunlight throughout the day also promotes healthy sleep habits.
  • Limit liquids: In the lead up to bedtime you should limit beverage intake. Keep your child hydrated throughout the day and they will not need a large drink at night. This will also help with night-time toilet training.
  • Bedroom comfortable: Ensure your child’s bedroom is not too hot/cold. Is light enough or dark enough for them. Are their mattresses and sheets comfortable? When your child is night-time toilet training this can be a little harder as you need to ensure you have a mattress protector and bed pad. These can often make the bed uncomfortable and noisy but it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to see how.

little boy not wanting to go to sleep

Protect-A-Bed mattress protector review

In an effort to not only provide my family with quality sleep each night but also protect the mattresses we have spent a small fortune on we jumped at the chance to review the Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors.

To start, I thought I’d try one for my bed and one of the kids. Over the years I have tried a few different protectors and some have been great while others have not breathed very well and have had me waking during the night feeling overheated. I think it goes without saying that when you have children and they are night-time toilet training, you need a mattress protector that will not fail you, that will not leak and that do not crinkle! We have been through more of these for the kids over the years than I’d care to admit. But… the Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors have proven themselves to be a quality product. An added bonus is they are machine and tumble dry safe – which is a must for me!

protect-a-bed mattress protector cotton jacquard with kid

Protect-A-Bed Staynew Cotton Terry

I have been trialling this fitted mattress protector on one of the kids’ bed and I cannot fault it. It fits great, it’s soft and breathable, waterproof and the Miracle Layer™ provides protection against dust mites a common cause or trigger of allergies, asthma and eczema.

protect-a-bed mattress protector staynew cotton terry

Absorbent Terry Towelling is best for spills and bed wetting. Cotton mattress protectors are a popular choice. Cotton is hypoallergenic, as it is a natural fibre.  Protect-A-Bed’s® Miracle Layer™ is soft and comfortable yet waterproof and breathable. Machine wash and tumble dry.  Boasting a fitted sheet style that is easy to fit and remove for regular washing.

Approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Program and recognised by the Eczema Association as Sensitive Skin Tried and Tested. (this now applies to all products not just Tencel) -From the Protect-A-Bed website. 

Protect-A-Bed Cumulus – Cotton Jacquard

This fitted mattress protector is what I have been using on my bed. It is so soft and has cushion cloud quilting. It also features the Protect-A-Bed Miracle Layer and comes with a 5 year mattress guarantee.

protect-a-bed mattress protector cotton jacquard

The super soft, natural Cushion Cloud™ sleep surface provides a luxury feel and comfortable sleep environment.  Protecting your mattress from spills and stains and you and your family from dust mite, mould and bacteria allergens.  Cumulus™ also features Fresche® a naturally derived antimicrobial extracted from the coconut plant which is highly effective against bacteria, fungus, mould, mildew and odour.  Fitted sheet style, machine wash and dry with other linens.

Approved by the National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice Program and recognised by the Eczema Association as Sensitive Skin Tried and Tested. -From the Protect-A-Bed website.  

I especially love that the fitted sheet even covers deep mattresses as this is something I have struggled to find in the past. I will definitely continue using the Protect-A-Bed protects in the future. Find your local stockist here.

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  1. Emily
    25/07/2019 / 11:04 am

    These are a great brand of mattress protector. Easy to put on and easy to wash, no special care required, just put it in the washing machine when needed and hang to dry. They dry fast but we try to have 2 per bed just in case of an accidental midnight throw up. They have saved many an expensive mattress from reflux babies and poo explosions to spilt water bottles and chocolate ice cream that was sneakily hidden in bed to eat later when mummy wasn’t looking.

  2. Nicky
    25/07/2019 / 11:35 am

    It’s not just kid’s mattresses that require protection. I find a mattress protector does wonders over summer, preventing sweat stains and odours in the mattress. It really needs to be breathable though. Protect a bed products are great quality.

  3. Penny
    25/07/2019 / 2:40 pm

    A good nights sleep makes for a happy family. A good quality mattress protector from Protect-A-Bed would give me the peace of mind knowing the family are comfortable and free from any worry about night time accidents and nasty dust mites.

  4. Anna
    25/07/2019 / 3:04 pm

    My little toddler hadn’t wet her pull ups for weeks after she was toilet trained so the first night we let her sleep in undies, I kid you not, she wet the bed!! Anyway, it was about 3am and I had to quickly change all her sheets. I thought it would be a good idea to put a towel under her sheets in case she had another accident so I quickly grabbed one from the closet.
    The next morning, I realised I had grabbed my husband’s coat instead of a towel. ?? I must have been very tired!

  5. Maree Gray
    25/07/2019 / 8:00 pm

    We have just bought new mattresses so it we need some lovely new protectors for them. We always use Protect-A-Bed as they are the best quality.

  6. Pete
    25/07/2019 / 9:46 pm

    Every family needs a good mattress protector, often kids get sick during the night and nobody wants to be cleaning mattress at all hours of the morning. For myself a mattress protector protects our mattress from sweat and Keeps it clean and fresh

  7. Mandy Graham
    26/07/2019 / 6:43 am

    I need one for my bed and my kids.

  8. Kirsty P
    26/07/2019 / 7:52 am

    Need the mattress protection for when waters break ?
    Its always happened in my favourite resting place.

  9. Lori-Anne Grosse
    26/07/2019 / 10:39 pm

    This product looks amazing. So needed in our house right now. Our little girl has just toilet trained and still has a few night accidents

  10. Alicia T
    27/07/2019 / 12:33 am

    I’d love this for peace of mind. Gastro is my worst nightmare! I swear we only just survived the last time it spread through the house! So much poo & spew! Just remembering it makes me want to cry!

  11. Kate Slack
    27/07/2019 / 1:26 am

    Not long after buying a new mattress for my son he had a wee accident as well as vomiting it was a nightmare!

  12. Samara McRae
    27/07/2019 / 9:01 am

    Where to start. So many. Have two kids so numerous vomit and poo explosions. Yuck!

  13. Jeanie
    03/08/2019 / 10:41 pm

    There are so many reasons why it’s a must to have a quality mattress protector on our kids beds but mums and dads don’t escape from spills and sickness in their beds too. I’d love this pack especially for my bed. Having our kids hop into our big bed to read stories, enjoy the occasional breakfast in bed and to comfort them when they’re sick, are things that this mumma loves to do.

  14. sharyn
    10/08/2019 / 8:59 am

    picture this and smile with glee
    a new mattress which now has dried wee
    a lesson learnt that we cant undo
    why did it have to happen to our mattress boohoo
    we did have an old protector but it did not work anymore
    as it moved out of place and child’s wee was big galore 🙂

  15. Sarahmary
    11/08/2019 / 2:18 am

    I’d love the added comfort of knowing my mattress is protected from any accidents, not having to worry about ruining bedding and mattresses every morning will be wonderful

  16. 16/08/2019 / 10:26 pm

    My poor little boy is prone to nosebleeds. We need one of these.

  17. Jean Lim
    19/08/2019 / 1:43 pm

    We love Protect A Bed for everyone in the family. My husband gets too hot and sweats and I know it won’t go through and leave stains on our mattress. Plus with kids still learning the art of keeping dry throughout the night, it’s so easy to take off in late night changes and it’s always handy to have a few extra on hand.

  18. Philippa tudor
    19/08/2019 / 3:01 pm

    Wonderful protectors

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