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8 Things Parents Will Never Have Enough Of

Think you are ready to be a parent? STOP right there! There are a few things you need to know before you join the ‘parent-hood’.

After hearing how amazing being a mum or dad is, or even how hard it can be, there is more to consider than just that. In the lead up to becoming a parent (whether you are a new mum, pregnant or just considering the idea) you need to start stocking up on the following. These are things parents will never have enough of!

Mum and infant sitting on ground | Things Parents Will Never Have Enough Of

You need more, more, more

Parents get pretty good at getting by on the essentials. What they don’t expect is what those necessities will actually be and why. You expect items like nappies for obvious reasons, bottles, pacifiers, formula, sleep, etc. but what about the items below? You need to start stockpiling that shit!

• Baby wipes – You may think this is one shouldn’t need a mention. However once you become a parent, you will use them for everything. Wiping a baby bum will be the minority use. You will start to use them for cleaning benches, leather lounge chairs, your car, computer screen, hands/faces, and basically anything else that needs a quick wipe. Don’t forget to keep a spare packet in the car for when the kids eat like animals while on the road or you spill your coffee over yourself.

• Snacks – On the topic of snacks; load your handbag, nappy bag, and any other spare storage you have in the car with snacks. Once your kids hit toddler age, they will not stop eating! Oh and this is also great for you if you are breastfeeding, you can never have too many snacks on hand.

• Bandaids – There will be more grazed knees, scratches and imaginary blood than you will be able to handle. And sometimes mums’ kiss is just not good enough to make it better. Get those bandaids ready because you are going to need it… along with your magnifying glass.

• Coffee / Tea – Whatever your choice of drink is that turns you from a sleep deprived zombie into a sleep deprived relatively functioning human, load the pantry with that shit! You will need more than you ever thought possible.

• Patience – Haha so you thought you were a patient person before? You are about to be put to the ultimate test; survival of the strongest-willed. Strengthen this skill while you still have time because if you don’t, those little people that call you mum, will break you!

• Batteries – Ok so this one will only apply to 50% of parents. You will need to make a choice – are you going to be the parent that changes the batteries in your toddlers toys when they get flat, because they love playing with them and it brings them so much joy? Or are you the parent that says ‘we have run out of batteries sweetie, we’ll have to buy some from the shops’; even though you know you never will because that push button guitar is the loudest, most high pitch and annoying piece of crap on the toy market?

• ‘Me’ time – You might as well forget what you currently know about ‘me’ time because your world is about to change. No longer will you be enjoying a nice movie on your own or brunch with the girls. You might as well accept the fact that going to the toilet solo is as close to alone as you are going to get, and even that will happen far less than you could have ever expected.

• Help – Parents are strong and fight to survive. They know what has to be done and do whatever they can to make it through the tough times of sick children, fussy newborns, fussier toddlers, terrible twos, torturous threes, etc. I’m sure you get the picture. What parents don’t seem to know how to do though is ask for help. Unfortunately parents could do with more help than they would like to admit or even realise.

If you still think you have parenting in the bag, make sure you add some snacks to it just to be on the safe side. Parenting comes with an endless list of essentials, these are just the beginning! Don’t be unprepared, stock up on things parents will never have enough of before you do it covered in biscuit crumbs and mashed banana.

happy toddler bonding with mum

*Just one more thing – I love being a mum but I am realistic too. It is not all laughter, big bear hugs and unconditional love.

What items would you add to things parents will never have enough of?


Think you are ready to be a parent? STOP right there! There are a few things you need to know before you join the ‘parent-hood’. #Parenting #Motherhood #MumLife

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  1. 29/07/2019 / 8:05 am

    Patience!! Def Patience! Good thing we have a big strong sense of humour or we’d go insane!

  2. 29/07/2019 / 10:37 am

    Haha love this! My son is always asking for more batteries and I never have enough patience! LOL

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