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Tips To Save Money On Your Electricity Bill

Everyone wants to save money and it’s no secret that electricity has become one of the largest expenses in our day to day lives.

Thankfully there are some very simple things that can save money on your electricity bill that require little to no effort. Stop throwing money away when you don’t have to and put these tips to good use!

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save money on your electricity bill

How you can save money on your electricity bill

  • Time those showers

Get yourself a kitchen timer and put it in the bathroom. These are a great option to help monitor and control the time spent in the shower. We put one in our main bathroom for the kids and set it to 4 minutes – this is more than enough time for young kids.

Timing our showers has not only saved money on our electricity bill but it has also reduced our water usage.

  • Water saving shower heads

Replacing old shower heads with energy efficient shower heads will cut your water bill and electricity bill by reducing your water heating costs.

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  • Use the sun

Avoid using the clothes dryer. Yes, it is convenient and I am guilty of using it as my preference (especially in winter) however it can drive your electricity usage up. Take the few extra minutes to hang your clothes on the line and see how much difference it can make on your power bill.

The sun is much more efficient. It’s faster and free!

  • Flick the switch

This is probably the most commonly talked about way to save money on your power bill because it is easy and it works.

Switch off lights as you leave the room. If no one is in the room there is no need for them to be on.

Flick power points off when you aren’t using the device. Things like toasters, kettles, TVs and washing machines aren’t in constant use which means they aren’t required to be using electricity 24/7.

  • Solar panels

Solar panels are a great investment. Yes, there is some start-up cost however you will see instant savings on your electricity bill.

You could potentially even make money by selling additional energy back to the grid. Now that’s a bonus worth considering.

  • Research and compare energy providers

Shop around and compare electricity providers for the best deal available in your area. You might be surprised by how much extra you are paying compared to others in your neighbourhood. Thanks to websites like Electricity Monster this is a quick and easy task. Electricity Monster is a FREE service that allows you to compare electricity and gas rates in a few simple steps to get the best deal they can find that are available on the market. They also have some great tips on how you can reduce your power bill and bring light to things you may have not considered.

girl turning of light switch

Follow these easy tips to save money on your electricity bill and you should start to see your usage and bill reduce each quarter.

How do you save money on your electricity bill?

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  1. 18/09/2018 / 11:04 am

    Great tips, although I must admit the kids get away with some long showers at times. When they were younger we had timers for showers because we were going through a drought, and I think it might be time to bring them back. We’re still going through a drought, but no one seems to do it anymore! I’m always nagging people to flick off switches too. Unfortunately we’re stuck with one energy company where we live so we’re not able to compare and change, so we have to stick to making little changes to make a difference.

  2. 22/10/2018 / 12:41 pm

    My kids not switching lights off after leaving the room drives me insane! Each night I try to limits the lights on to just 2 lights (kitchen and toilet lights), but some nights the kids have the entire house lit up like a Christmas tree.

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