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The Hairy Questions + 50% off sale

Growing up in a house full of girls my brother and step-dad were outnumbered. There was 4 of us and only two of them. This of course meant whether they liked it or not they had to endure conversations about boys, periods, shaving and bras. Just what every boy and man wants to talk about. Back then it didn’t really occur to me that girls don’t often talk to their fathers about this type of thing because my dad welcomed us to talk to him about anything. Well anything until the day we asked for a boy to be in our room, then the ball game changed.

Hairy questions kit VEET hair removal

I’m sure there are many dads out there who also have an open door policy when it comes to their daughters but there will always be the ones that are a little shyer and may feel uncomfortable talking about female issues or offering advice in these areas. While mothers obviously have more expertise with these subjects, it is nice for daughters to feel they can talk to their dads about this stuff too.

At some point in a girl’s life she is going to want to shave and of course the questions start. Is she old enough? Is shaving, waxing or hair removal cream better? How high up their legs should they go or should they stop just above/below the knee? Veet have created a ‘Hairy Questions Kit’ which has everything girls and even women could need to find out what option works best for them. The Hairy Questions Kit includes four great products that RRP $50 but can be purchased in the kit for only $25 with FREE delivery. That’s a bargain if ever I’ve heard one! You can purchase the Hairy Questions Kit here.

Hairy questions kit VEET hair removal

Veet have put together a short video where daughters ask their dads some of life’s ‘Hairy Questions’ and see if they can answer them. Some of the questions are about boys, fashion, how to get boys attention, PMS, etc. and their dads answers are well worth watching. (See video above)

Would your husband or father have answered them differently?

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