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Why You Should Shop Local This Christmas

Why You Should Shop Local This Christmas

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With Christmas on the way, it’s time to get some serious shopping done. More and more consumers each year are buying through the internet, rather than flocking to stores. As this festive season approaches, you might want to consider shopping local again. Why? Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why shopping local could be a better choice this year.

You’ll Support the Community

What you may not realize is that there is a difference between supporting your community and spending with big retailers. You probably think it doesn’t affect you, but it does. Studies have found that spending $100 with local retailers will allow $45 to recirculate in the community. If you shop with a chain, the reinvestment drops to $23. Shopping online gives almost nothing back to the community at all. When you have more money coming into your local community, everyone benefits. Facilities and local attractions can grow and be improved. Schools, hospitals, and other public services can flourish. You can live in a better neighbourhood.

You’ll Save Money

Small, local businesses often have to price competitively to ensure that they will get business. You won’t save much by going to a big chain store, and you might even get a lower price with an independent retailer. What is more, there is a big initiative this year to help you shop local. The Shop Small Amex promotion is going strong right now and allows you to save even more on your purchases at local shops. For every $20 spent at a local retailer that is part of the program, you get $10 back in cashback rewards. That’s an amazing saving. The promotion only runs to the end of November, so you’d better get shopping as soon as possible.

You’ll Be Healthier

How can buying local possibly make you healthier? By allowing shops in the local community to flourish. Studies show that if you have a small business sector in your community, you will have a lower mortality rate. Not only that, but there will also be fewer instances of obesity and diabetes. It’s all about keeping the options open and local. If your local greengrocer goes out of business, your only option might be fast food or ready meals. Since shopping at any local store means the money goes back into the community, every single purchase counts.

You’ll Find Unique Gifts

Anyone can go on to the same internet shopping site and find their best picks for gifts. Anyone can purchase the same chain items. But if you go to a local shop, you will find items that are quirky and unique. These gifts are the ones that really impress those who receive your presents. They show that you have put more thought in and that you know them well. If you give someone a handmade toy from a local craft shop, they won’t have anything like it in their other presents. It’s something they are more likely to remember for years to come.

You’ll Try Before You Buy

Finally, there’s another huge advantage to walking into a local store. If you order online, you may never even see the gift that you are sending. When you buy local, however, you can see and even try it. You can examine it for flaws and figure out whether it will work for the person you are buying for. You can ensure the highest quality gift because you can see it in front of your eyes. It’s even easy to sample items like wines or food gifts in independent retailers. They are much more likely to be open to taste tests than large supermarkets.

There are so many reasons to shop local, and it’s something that everyone should be doing more of. Give it a go this Christmas – you will be pleasantly surprised.

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