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Your Questions Answered About LBL!

You may remember a few weeks ago I blogged about interviewing physiotherapist Jane Le Fevre with all your questions and concerns relating to light bladder leakage. There were some great questions asked by readers that I’m sure will benefit many other women.


1.       What causes LBL in women who haven’t had children? There are many causes, ranging from dietary changes to periods of inactivity, or starting a new activity eg running or boot camp! Women with lower back pain as well as lifting injuries. Hormonal changes as well as medical issues such a recurrent urinary tract infections and diabetes will also impact PF function.

2.      I experience LBL – will I ever be able to laugh without this occurring or is it too little too late? Most women with LBL will see an improvement with a consistent exercise program, and if they are not seeing change after 2 weeks, they should see advice from a womens health physio who may be able to pinpoint a specific reason why it isn’t improving. This could be due to poor sitting postures or pelvic stiffness or even a poor technique.

3.      I have heard that by doing pelvic floor exercises it makes it tighter ‘down there’ during sex. Is this true? Yes, absolutely! The PF also pumps blood to the clitoris so makes arousal more heightened and quicker to achieve!

4.      How do I know if I’m doing my exercises right? If you are lying down and place your hand next to the crotch of your underpants, facing upwards and you lift your PF, you should feel your skin draw together and lift away from your hand. An incorrect contraction would feel like the skin is coming into your hand (bearing down) You could also insert a finger into your vagina in the shower and you should feel your PF tighten around your finger, and with practice even lift up.

 I would like to thank Jane for being available to be interviewed and also the lovely ladies who emailed in their questions.

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