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New Year, New You, New Affordable Interior Decorating

New Year, New You, New Affordable Interior Decorating

For many, the New Year means a new look, a new attitude or a new year’s resolution that they will try and keep. For other’s it can be a new start, a reason to freshen up their home or simply make a change.

STOP being embarrassed to invite guests around to your home, do something about it!

affordable interior decorating | white washed coloured wood

New Year – New You – New Design

No one wants to see the same old boring furniture year after year or be so far behind in interior design trends that it looks like you’ve moved in with your grandma; or the other end of the scale, living with ‘fresh out of home’ teenage flat mates.

This may come as a surprise to you but good quality furniture and decorative accessories do not have to cost a small fortune. There are affordable interior decorating options that allow you to have top shelf, on trend designer pieces for a fraction of the expected price.

Redecorate – my dream living room

I am constantly redecorating my house. Not physically because young children and nice things don’t tend to mix well but mentally, I have the nicest home interior imaginable!
This is what my dream living room looks like.


Jason Agustina Mid Century Ceni Sofa | affordable interior decorating

With a fusion of modern and classic designs, the Jason Agustina Mid Century Ceni Sofa features sleek lines, comfortable seating and neutral tones. This would give my living room a warm and homey atmosphere while looking trendy. The sleek and clean lines in addition to the crafted wooden base with slanted legs, gives the sofa character.

Jason Agustina Poppy chair | affordable interior decorating
A room is not complete without additional seating which is why I would also have two Poppy Lounge Chairs in dark grey. Teamed with the sofa above, these chairs will provide the room with contrasting tones yet add comfort to the space. These are also from the Jason Agustina website.


The large floor rug would be a mix of grey tones to accentuate and highlight the surrounding furniture. While the bright splashes of colour from my horizontal wall art will catch your eye and draw your attention to the finer details of the room.

Living room with couch, tripod lamp and chair | affordable interior decorating

In one corner you’ll see a large solid tripod style lamp, while the sofa will have a navy blue throw draped over an edge.

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blue lounge throw blankets | affordable interior decorating

Throw blankets from Overstock.com.

Redecorating for the New Year may seem over the top but it could be the fresh start you need. Your chance to rid your house of negative vibes and outdated furniture. Your start to a happy and vibrant year.

Make you house a home; make it everything you have ever dreamed of!

What does your dream living room look like?

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