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Cheap decorating ideas for your home

If the style of your home is starting to feel outdated, it might be time for a decorating project. Instead of blowing your savings on a whole house of new furniture, check out some of these budget-friendly ideas to decorate your home.

Shelving Units Are Your Friend

The beauty of shelving units is being able to stash those items you use frequently, but don’t want left all over the place. Picking shelving units in plain colours allows you to strategically place homewares on each of the shelves. Check out a retailer such as www.superamart.com.au for affordable and practical storage units, then dress them up by adding some colourful knick-knacks, vases or photo frames. You can also use these shelves for storing magazines, music collections or even linen. If the block layout doesn’t work for you, look at laddered designs for something different. Storage doesn’t have to be hidden away, or boring!

Cheap decorating ideas

Add in Some New Lighting

Lighting your home doesn’t require expensive chandeliers or pearl light covers. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to add light to your home without going over your budget. Look for bedside lamps, lanterns for the dining table or candles to spread around the house. These are all quick, easy and affordable ways to add some light and colour to your home. Candles can be bought quite cheaply from department stores and there are so many scents, styles and colours available to match with the décor of your room.

cheap decorating ideas

Dress Up Your Walls with Canvases & Prints

If you have an eye for art, this is the perfect time to use it! Colourful artworks, beautiful photos printed on canvas and framed prints can completely change the look of a room. You don’t have to search galleries to find an investment piece for your home. Instead, select your favourite family photo to be printed and mounted, or scout around craft markets for creative transfers on wood and gorgeous sketches. Once you have found something you love, hang it as your statement piece in the room.

Reflect Some Light into the Room

Subtle additions of light through reflection can exaggerate the size of the room. Placing a mirror where it catches light (either natural or artificial light) makes the room instantly look bigger. Hallways and entrance ways can benefit from the addition of a mirror (either small or large) to brighten the area up. Mirrors can be bought second-hand from most charity shops, or purchased cheaply from many homewares stores. When hanging or standing a mirror, avoid placing it where the surface reflects outside a window or doorway – it’s considered very bad Feng Shui.

cheap decorating ideas

Add Small Pops of Colour

You don’t have to use large pieces of coloured furniture to decorate a room. Small pops of colour through rugs, throws, knick-knacks or vases can make a big difference to any space. You can pick up vases in a range of materials, colours, styles and sizes relatively cheaply. These can be placed on mantelpieces, side tables, dining tables or even on your shelving units. Don’t feel that you need to fill your vases either – let coloured or quirky designs speak for themselves.

Re-decorating areas of your home doesn’t have to be an expensive activity.

What are some of the key pieces you use to decorate with?

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