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How to Prepare Your Home for the Storm Season

Storms can be frightening for you, your children and your pets. Even a short storm can have devastating impacts on the people you love. It’s integral to prepare your home for the storm season. The question is, where do you start when preparing your home? What things do you need to consider? Check out these ideas to assist in preparing your home for storm season.

Prepare Your Home for the Storm Season

Prepare the outdoors

Think about the things you might have outside, such as your car, boat or maybe even a campervan. You’ve probably invested heavily into these things, so it’s essential that you plan ahead to protect these in the event of a storm. Without a doubt, a lockable garage is always the safest place for these items. Whilst not every home has a lockable garage, a carport is a great idea to protect these valuable items. It costs nothing to investigate how a carport can protect these items – call an expert, such as Additions Building Company, for a carport quote. As they say – prevention is always better than a quick cure.

Prepare the indoors

You’ve got your outdoor prepared – what about indoors? As part of your regular home maintenance, you would of checked your roof for leaks, windows for cracks and a suitable draining solution to get water away from your home as quickly as possible. If you’ve got suitable warning for a storm, it’s always a great idea to unplug electrical items and move any valuables to a higher, stable area of your home.

Prepare the yard

Tools, pets, toys – all of these things can cause considerable damage and can be expensive to replace if wrecked. Make sure your outdoor items have a secure place – either in a shed, garage or carport to protect them, and your house, in the event of a storm.

Check your insurance

‘Storm damage’ can be very carefully defined by your insurance company. If you’re not too sure about what is and isn’t covered by a storm, or even how your insurance company defines storm, water or flood damage, it’s always worth calling them or chatting to your insurance broker for the finer details. The last thing you want is to be under or incorrectly insured when your home is storm damaged.

Have a plan

Without a doubt, you need a storm plan. A clear set of steps to complete in the case of a severe storm. Things to consider might be protecting your pets, what to do if someone is stuck inside the house, or if they can’t get home, a battery operated radio and torchlight. It never hurts to have some provisions and clean drinking water, in the case where you’ve lost power or are unable to leave the house for a period of time.


Have you had the unfortunate experience of being caught in a storm? What happened?

Did you have any preparations or plans that helped you during and after the storm?

Share your ideas in the comments, below.

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